2014 November National Show at Fox Lea

Fox Lea End of Year November National Show

The exciting class of the Welcome Stake and the top ten were very impressive indeed.  We had a total of twenty-four showing.  Kady Abrahamson had the lead on Quick Blue Z for the first half of the class and then the competition saw the groove and started coming at her.  Ezequiel was the first to catch her then came Diego and Kris snuck in and took second from Ezequiel.  Kady then came back with her second mount Bamiro and she finished fifth with her second attempt.  We saw fifteen go clear in the first, of those four had 4 faults in the Jump off and one that had 8 to round out the hopefuls.

The top ten of the Welcome Stake pinned this way:

1st 327 Bandurria Hulmen/Diego Vivero 32.231
2nd 302 Galyleo/Kris Killam 32.761
3rd 165 Jameson/Ezequiel Peralta 34.876
4th 138 Quick Blue Z/Kady Abrahamson 34.898
5th 141 Bamiro/Kady Abrahamson 35.043
6th 114 Payday/Michael Murphy 35.12
7th 169 Cruz Z/Wendy Peralta 36.317
8th 361Dorothy Mystic Rose/Jennifer Santana 36.846
9th 258 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar 37.066
10th 112 Dryden/Michael Murphy 37.393

You could feel the anticipation in the air as the last day of 2014 National Horse show competition started as many of the year end awards were being decided on Sunday.  We started with the USHJA Hunter Derby with 26 in the class that was ultimately won with very impressive scores put up by El Raymond and Molly Sewell.  First round was a 93 and the second round was a 95 for a total of 184.

Class 905 $2500 USHJA National Hunter Derby results:

1st 184 El Raymond/Molly Sewell
2nd 118 Pogo Avantos/Michael Murphy
3rd 160 Pacifico/Mary Eufemia
4th 189 Carasco/Taylor St. Jacques
5th 344 Suit Yourself/Phobe Alwine
6th 309 Vermeer/Hayley Ionotti
7th 183 Landragon/Molly Sewell
8th 351 Black Label/Hayley Ionnotti
9th 297 Solightly Ams/Merideth Gallagher
10th 245 Swashbuckler/Camryn Halley

We had a few very touching moments in the main hunter ring today as we presented the CWD High Point Hunter Rider bonus award to Mary Eufemia and Pacino.  Mary was awarded a $2,000 voucher from CWD.  This award was based on the 2014 points at Fox Lea USHJA Hunter Derby classes.  Mary has competed in Hunter Derby’s all up and down the east coast.  We took a few moments and also recognized Mary and Kevin Eufemia as being the High Point Rider and Trainer for the past 3 years here at Fox Lea.  Kevin is Mary’s trainer and just also happens to be her husband.  Kevin is a noted Trainer and also holds a number of Judging cards.  He often helps us  with the Grand Prix jumper classes here in the tower.

Speaking of Grand Prix, the final course of 2014 was designed by none other than Steve Stephens and was won by Kris Killam on Black Diamond.   Kris was also the winner of the CWD 2GS saddle sponsored by CWD and the golf cart sponsored by Custom Carts and L&M Leasing.  Kris did two victory gallops, one on his horse and one in his new golf cart.

Wendy Peralta and Cruz Z were the only other horse rider combination to go clear in the first round, and took second place.  She recently learner judged in California and is doing the mentor program for hunters and equitation.

Taking third was local favorite Dakota Schramer and No Autographs Please. She won her first Grand Prix ever this summer here at Fox Lea Farm in May and the FLF Welcome Class in September.

We had a new Grand Prix rider that we have never seen before at Fox Lea.    Ms. Kady Abrahamson from Cincinnati OH put in notable rounds on two different mounts.  She also had a good showing in the Welcome Stake.

Congratulations to the top 10 finished in the Grand Prix:

1st 301 Black Diamond/Kris Killam C//82.354 4/41.200
2nd 169 Cruz Z/Wendy Peralta C/85.672 12/45.327
3rd 280 No Autograph’s Please/Dakota Schramer 4/86.531
4th 338 Zilano M/Michelle Stopford 4/1time 88.131
5th 138 Quick Blue Z/Kady Abrahamson 8/78.223
6th 141 Bamiro/Kady Abrahamson 8/80.229
7th 165 Jameson/Ezequiel Peralta 8/80.483
8th 113 FYI/Debbie Stephens 8/81.565
9th 260 Spitfire-W/Katherine Frame Dewar 8/82.322
10th 223 Cassinjo/David Blake 8/86.595



















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