2015 NQHL Huntfield Derby Finals.

January 7, 2015

From atop the spiral staircase at Fox Lea Farm in Venice Florida, this is a quick report of the 2015 NQHL Huntfield Derby Finals.

The day started out cold and stayed cold…but dry. The sun broke as we were giving awards in the High Derby…go figure right? It is always a pleasure to announce at Fox Lea as it is my home away from home.


The Open Artisan Huntfield Low Derby Finals sponsored by Plastilite:

The Plastilite Low Hunter Derby was all about consistency with solid scores.

David Miller riding his own horse The Fire Escape won the overall section of the class. First round base score was an 80 with 4 high options for a first Classic round score of 84. Their Handy Round base was a 79 with 4 high options and a score of 6 for handiness for a Handy Round score of 89. When you add it all up it’s a total of 172, a blue ribbon and with that blue ribbon came an Artisan Butet saddle from Beval Saddlery. David won every section of the class. He had not only the top base scores in both sections of the Derby but also had all the high options and was the only rider in the class to get a 6 for handiness. Sure there were some fives…but he was the only rider given a 6 of better.

The non-pro section was won by Annette Fowler riding her own Malibu Molly, she was also 3rd overall. Her scores in the Classic Round were 73.5 and she jumped the 4 option fences offered. In the Handy Round her base score dropped just a touch to 72 and she jumped only 3 high options but her handiness score was a 5 to give her a Handy Round score of 80. When you add it up her final score was a 157.5.


The Open Butet Huntfield “Vargo Companies” Derby Finals:

The High Derby was also about consistency but also BIG scores.

Winning the blue ribbon, saddle and trophy (The “Wofford Emerging Professional Cup Award sponsored by Scott Jones and David Miller) was won by Go Big Sky ridden by Linda Crothers and owned by Rodger Call. Classic Round scored a 85 plus 3 high options for a first round of 88. The Handy Round was improved. The base was an 87 and 3 options with a handiness score of 7 giving her a 97 in the Handy Round for a total of 185.

The non-pro section was won by Do You Have The Magic owned and ridden by Hannah Elizabeth Bedwell who also came in second overall. Her Classic trip base was 77 and adding all 4 high options gave them a first round score of 81. With a major improvement in the Handy Round base score of 84.5 all 4 option jumps adding in the 6 points for handiness this horse rider combination had the score for second all tied up nicely with a total score of 175.5
There were a lot of really good rides today but these are the ones that put it all together today with consistency and impressive numbers.

Out from behind the mic…this is Jason Curtis. Off to Wellington to make circles in the sand in the Dressage rings of Global and Wellington Classics Kick-off 2016.


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