2017 Venice Equestrian Tour 1 – Week 2 Wrap Up

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase Week 2 of the 7 week series of the Venice Equestrian Tour 1 is in the books.

As always the Fox Lea Farm Welcome Stake started off the week with a bang as Celtic Lady M2S and Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC took home the blue ribbon.  With 4 in the jump off, it was a nail biting round as Thomas John Russell riding Cimy for Arnoud Dobber of Reddick FL took home second by less than half a second.  There are some very strong riders here this year and the competition is tough.

The class was officially recorded as follows:
1st 768 Celtic Lady M2S/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC.C/C 41.150
2nd 751 Cimy/Thomas John Russell for Arnoud Dobber of Reddick FL C/C 42.060
3rd 645 Vivawell/Natalie Johnson Russell
4th 926 Thunderstroc USA/Kris Killam for Sharon Brown of Lombard OH
5th 632 Carneyhaugh TT/Sarah Warden of Jacksonville Beach FL
6th 998 Z-Coco Cabana/Glenn Hartigan for Eurimports Equestrian LLC
7th 927 Experience/Kris Killam for Tophorses LLC
8th 979 Shining De Reve/Thomas John Russell for AEM Enterprises LLC

Ms. Raegan Landrum deserves a big round of applause as this week’s winner of both the Pessoa and the Maclay.  THIS Winner belongs to Sarah Steadman and the WIHS Winner is Camryn Halley.  Congratulations to you all!

Ms. Cady Klimas continues her winning streak here at Fox Lea by taking home first and second place in this week’s 1.25M Jumper Prix. Kris Killam, who has also had a very strong showing so far, rounds out the top 3.

The class recorded as follows:
1st 767 Carmenera/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC C/C 37.282
2nd 769 Jupiter Rising/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC C/C 37.882
3rd 928 Gangster CHS/Kris Killam for Tophorses LLC C/C 38.153
4th 967 Reddit/Brian Murphy for Ann Ritchey
5th 640 Viaggio/Kristina Meyer
6th 645 Vivawell/Natalie Johnson Russell C/75.309 C/41.800 6
7th 632 Carneyhaugh TT/Sarah Warden
8th 996 Ace of Spies/Sammy Jimenez

The Mini Mini Mini Prix winner this week is Ms. Abigail Peterson and her partner Cambridge D.

The class recorded as follows:
1st 932 Cambridge D/Abigail Peterson of Metamora MI C/C 34.888
2nd 712 Carapaccio/Hallie Weegar for Sharon Brown Lombard OH C/C35.843
3rd 930 Goodness/Kickker Eppley Naples FL C/4 35.652
4th 634 Serendipity/Mary Kate Jarvis for Sweet Oak Farm
5th 749 VDL Fyndoctro/Shelley Wynn
6th 609 Southern Delight/Saylor Ellis
7th 793 Panda Shamo/Ave Alegre
8th 616 Bella Du Rouet RGS/Nico Gamboa

As always the main event of the week is the $25,000 Grand Prix “Under the Lights”, and this week was no different.   The evening started with the children participating in the “Horseless Horse Show” on the grass ring and the spectators were treated to the voices of the Venice high school chorus group Le Voci di Venezia (The Voices of Venice) who performed under the direction of Brittany Smith. This group of 44 skilled musicians are members of one or more VHS Chorus groups. These dedicated students rehearse twice a week after school and perform regularly throughout the Venice community. To learn more about their group, find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and vhschorus.org

The Venice Equestrian Tour 1 Grand Prix live stream by IDK Media Group was sponsored by Aiken Saddlery.   For the main event of the night we saw 4 horse and rider combinations advance to the jump off.  Martien Van Der Hoeven for Augusta Pines Farm, Texas is definitely not in Kansas anymore as he and Zerro Leone, the 12 year-old grey Dutch Warmblood by Kigali, take home the blue ribbon.

Placing second was Z-Coco-Cabana ridden by Glenn Hartigan (Can) for Eurimports.  The 9 year old bay mare is a Holsteiner by Contendro.

Third place was awarded to Celtic Lady M2S owned by Jumpers Landing and ridden by Cady Klimas. Ms. Klimas & Celtic Lady M2S won the Welcome Stake this week. Cady was the winner of this weeks Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks style award.

The results of the $25,000 Fox Lea Farm Grand Prix were recorded as follows:
1st 729 Zerro Leone/Martien Van Der Hoeven C/C 45.699
2nd 998 Z-Coco Cabana/Glenn Hartigan for Eurimports Equestrian LLC C/C 46.724
3rd 768 Celtic Lady M2S/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC C/C 47.363
4th 775 Cracky Z/Christi Israel C/77.995 4/4t 54.100
5th 922 Clouseau/Christi Israel 4/72.867
6th 785 Alonso Du Monselet/Richard Cheska 4/74.795
7th 603 Dylana Verte/David Tromp 4/75.003
8th 981 Diederik/Thomas John Russell for Helen Landon-Terranova of Charlotte NC 4/75.234
9th 786 Utah Beach Un Prince/Richard Cheska
10th 760 Ilan/Martien Van Der Hoeven
11th 730 Eliot/Claire McKean
12th 926 Thunderstroc USA/Kris Killam for Sharon Brown

Fox Lea Farm would like to give a big ‘Thank You’ to Brian Murphy and Overlook Farm for sponsoring the Grand Prix party and providing the hors d’oeuvres for the evening.  The Jewish Congregation of Venice brought a large sampling of what is to be expected at the 23rd Annual Jewish Food Festival and Flea Market on February 19th.


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