2017 Venice Equestrian Tour II Week in Review

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase, Horse Show Announcer is proud to share with you the Venice Equestrian Tour II Week in Review.  The competition is definitely heating up as the series gets ready to enter week 4.

Holly Shepherd riding Bella Clara DKS for Dejan Krunic of Houston Tx. won the Welcome Stake by a mere 0.069 of a second, and with only 0.26 separating 2nd and 3rd it’s easy to say WOW!! Holly also took 3rd place, this time on Skymiles for Loretta Patterson Omaha NE.  Cady Klimas and Carmenera, the winners of the 1.25M Prix last week came second. Cady has won or placed in the top 3 every jumper class she has shown in since making her appearance here in the Tour with an amazing string of jumpers.

Spot On, a Danish Warmblood Knabstrupper was ridden by Victoria Free in the Welcome Stake on Thursday.  Although they didn’t ribbon they were double clear and I was extremely impressed with this horse and found it very enjoyable to watch.  Victoria is a trainer & rider at Step n Free stables in Georgia.  She started at the age of two and was the youngest to ever make it to the second level of The Emerging Athletes program.

All the horses that were recognized in our top 8 could well have won it. It became a horse race in the end and the timers tell the story.

The Welcome Stake was officially recorded as:
1st 654 Belle Clara DKS/Holly Shepherd for Dejan Krunic of Houston TX C/C 33.463
2nd 767 Carmenera/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC C/C 33.532
3rd 655 Skymiles/Holly Shepherd for Loretta Patterson Omaha NE C/C 33.792
4th 805 Clouseau/Christi Israel fo Birmingham AL C/C 34.446
5th 859 Stitch/Carlos Aramburo for Amy Yoder of Windermere FL C/C
6th 752 Any/Thomas John Russell for Arnoud Dobber of Reddick FL C/C
7th 857 Van Gogh/Theo Genn for Wilhelm Genn of Lebanon OH C/C
8th 858 Dirocco Blue/Theo Genn for Eduardo Leon Houston TX C/C

The Pessoa Award this week belongs to Ms. Annie Parsons and the ASPCA Maclay winner is Ms. Rachael Dean.  Sarah Steadman takes home the THIS winner award for the second week in a row! Great Job!!

Cady Klimas and her amazing jumpers round out the top 3 of the 1.25 M $7,500 Jumper Prix, but this week it was Thomas John Russell who was on the 1-2 win in the Jumper Prix!! Congratulations to this tough pair on their wins!

The results recorded as:
1st 975 Ragnar/Thomas John Russell for Vick Russell of Columbus NC C/C 40.189
2nd 752 Any/Thomas John Russell for Arnoud Dobber of Roddick FL C/C 40.439
3rd 769 Jupiter Rising/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC Hernando FL C/C 41.037
4th 751 Cimy/Thomas John Russell
5th 815 Limited Edition/Matt Martin for Falcon Ridge Stables
6th 767 Carmenera/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC

Congratulation to Scout Davis and Zahir for taking home the blue in this week’s Mini Mini Mini Prix.

The results recorded as:
1st 779 Zahir/Scout Davis C/C 44.699
2nd 778 Alfa Yaso/Riley Baker C/C 45.300
3rd 573 Phoenix/Greg Kuti Schomberg Ontario Canada
4th 554 Chablis/Alison Maine
5th 817 Calvin/Grayson Fallon
6th 795 Masala/Camryn Koziarski

$5,000 V.E.T. Hunter Challenge was won by Clair Kellner for Redfield Farm.  This class had 20 entries and some strong competition for sure.  Congratulations Clair!

Top 12 pinned this way:
1st 849 Loki/Clair Kellner for Redfield Farm 85/88 173
2nd 812 Lordz/Matt Martin for Julia Tolkan of Washington DC
3rd 693 Ahero/Clair Kellner for Cinda Erbaugh of Odessa FL
4th 813 Quadrigo/Matt Martin of Petersburg TN
5th 871 Belvedere/Carlos Aramburo for Ellen Harrington
6th 921 Sandro/Dr. James Hassinger Aberdeen NC
7th 825 Mr. Blue Sky/Kallie Schafers
8th 852 Nuff Said/Kallie Schafers
9th 727 Letavice/Rachael Dean
10th 606 Zico/Laurie Birnbach
11th 989 Shoemaker/Sarah Steadman
12th 801 Loyal Heart/Emily Lemasters

Emerson Lane and partner Diddlina D’ive take home bragging rights for this week’s Low Child Adult Jumper Classic.

Class pinned this way:
1st 866 Diddlina D’ive Z/Emerson Lane C/C 29.549
2nd 778 Alfa Yaso/Riley Baker C/C 30.135
3rd 779 Zahir/Scout Davis C/C 30.846
4th 846 O. Henry/Katherine Montgomery
5th 817 Calvin/Grayson Fallon
6th 823 TKO Quincy 186/Thomas Beazley

High Child Adult Jumper Classic blue ribbon goes home with Heather and Calliendor.

Class pinned this way:
1st 745 Calliendor/Heather Villamare C/C 33.923
2nd 814 Captivate/Lizzy McGreedy for Falcon Ridge Stables
3rd 725 Neverland/Thomas Beazley
4th 878 Cedric/Lizzy McGreedy
5th 776 Diesel/Melanie Markham

Congratulations again to Heather Villamare making it two for two on different mounts, with her win on Larson 11 in the Low Jr/Ao Jumper.

As exciting as these events were, they were nothing more than a teaser for the Fox Lea $25,000 Grand Prix.

Thank you to Oakmore Equestrian for their sponsorship of the IDK Media Group’s live stream of the Grand Prix, because trust me if you weren’t in the stands, you should have been!  If I had a horse in the Grand Prix, I couldn’t have been more excited to watch the competitors in action.

Keith Bollette created a terrific course designed to be won by a firecracker, and that firecracker was Cady Klimas of Jumpers Landing LLC Hernando FL and her big hearted ride Celtic Lady M2S, the 9 year-young bay Dutch Warmblood mare by Condios.

In a field of 21, NaNa Mia and Savannah Nicole Unger who were the first of eight to advance to the jump off, rode off with the 3rd place finish.  She was also second in the order to go.  We all know that when you are the first to go clear, you are also the first to come back for the jump off.  Savannah and Mia would go double clear but gave the other seven a view of how the course would ride and where they could shave off some time.  During last summer’s Fox Lea Camp series, I was fortunate enough to get to know Savannah and she is a rising star for sure. Savannah and Mia would end up 3rd when the class was recorded.  Savannah was also awarded the week’s Style Award by Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks.

Theo Genn of Cincinnati OH comes from a family of equestrians, and took home the 2nd place slot.  Theo may have been a newcomer to Fox Lea but he is no stranger to the Grand Prix World  His mother Patricia was a hunter rider and his father Wilhelm is a well-known Grand Prix rider and the pair just happened to meet at a horse show in Wellington.  Theo and his dad’s 8 year young horse named Van Gogh (by Valentino), were extremely accurate and deliberate in their ride and Van Gogh is certainly a powerful horse.  This combo also finished 7th this week in the Welcome among some tough competition.

Not surprising to me at all was Cady Klimas’s win by 2.013 seconds.  She has been dominating every jumper class she has entered during the Venice Equestrian Tour. Celtic Lady M2S looked more motorcycle than equine the way she leaned into the turns was a testament of the bond and trust between horse and rider.  We’ve all seen fast horses so you know what I’m talking about, but this pair really made a statement and Celtic Lady sure can jump…oh my.

The spectators were treated to the vocals of Erika Miller, a native of Sarasota, FL as she sang the national anthem. Driven by her passion for patriotism, Erika has partnered with the Special Ops Warrior Foundation in the “National Anthem-Special Ops Project” in which a book “Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner” is signed by participants of each event Erika sings the Star Spangled Banner to be auctioned with all proceeds benefiting the foundation to provide family counseling, grants and scholarships for the children of fallen Special Ops soldiers.

Our tastebuds were delighted to treats brought by the Jewish Congregation of Venice with samples of what is to be expected at the 23rd Annual Food Festival and Flea Market on February 19th, and you can be sure this Announcer will be stopping by as it will be held right down the street from Fox Lea.  Definitely something you should put on your calendar if you enjoy good food, festivals and flea markets.

Events like this are made possible by great sponsors like Tennessee Magna-Wave who presented this weeks Grand Prix.  A special thank you to Sherry Hyland-Phillips and Magna Wave for their continued support and sponsorship at Fox Lea.  I’d personally like to thank Ms. Victoria Demore Heil of Victoria Demore Photography for the fantastic pictures she allows us to use.

So as this week came to a close I want to congratulate all the competitors in the Grand Prix and say Thank You for making it the most exciting by far.

The class was recorded officially as:
1st 768 Celtic Lady M2S/Cady Klimas for Jumpers Landing LLC Hernando FL C/C 39.533
2nd 857 Van Gogh/Theo Genn for Wilhelm Genn of Lebanon OH C/C 41.456
3rd 876 Nana Mia/Savannah Nicole Unger of New Hill NC C/C/42.786 Style Award
4th 570 Alonso Du Monselet/Rich Cheska Waukesha WI C/C 45.892
5th 927 Experience/Kris Killam for Tophorses LLC Leawood KS C/4 39.249
6th 859 Stitch/Carlos Aramburo (Red Banks MS) for Amy Yoder of Windermere FL
7th 827 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar of Ocala FL
8th 654 Belle Clara DKS/Holly Shepherd forDejan Krunic of Houston TX
9th 926 Thunderstroc USA/Kris Killam for Sharon Brown of Lombard OH
10th 804 Cracky Z/Christi Israel Birmingham AL
11th 568 Utah Beach Un Prince/Rich Cheska of Waukesha WI
12th 659 SCS Luigi/Hanley Morrison of Madison MS

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