2017 Venice Equestrian Tour Kickoff Results

What an exciting first week at Fox Lea’s 2017 Venice Equestrian Tour.  If you weren’t able to be there or missed any part of it then you have come to the right place.  The Welcome Stake kicked things off with Kristen Vanderveen taking charge right out of the gate with the first ride of four she had in the class. Ms. Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Disciple would set a pace that simply would not be caught even by herself on her multiple rides.

Kristen owns and operates Bull Run Jumpers Inc www.bullrunjumpers.com Ms. Vanderveen has earned well over $1,000,000 in show jumping winnings to date and has ridden competitively for most of her life and as a professional show jumper. She travels to countries across Europe, searching for talented horses to import to the United States. Once stateside, each horse is trained on an individual basis to compete at various levels of performance at horse shows all over the country. Kristen dreams of one day representing the United States on the worldwide stage, and with rides like the ones I saw it’s a definite possibility.

The Welcome Stake pinned this way:

1st 953 Bull Run’s Disciple/Kristen Vanderveen for Bull Run Jumpers Six LLC St. C/C29.542
2nd 950 Bonita/Kristen Vanderveen for Jamie Buis Wellington FL C/C 30.331
3rd 949 Bull Run’s Prince of Peace/Kristen Vanderveen for Bull Run Jumpers Six LLC St. Charles ILC/C 30.850
4th 970 Intenz Van HD/Tracy Magness
5th 927 Experience/Kris Killam
6th 925 Monix/Kris Killam
7th 603 Dylana Verte/David Tromp Morriston NY
8th 926 Thunderstoc USA/Kris Killam

Congratulations to the top 3 riders of the first Pessoa/USEF Medal class of the tour.  First place went to Jessica Hunkiar, in second place was Sara Hearn and Sarah Boon rounded out third.
Mary Stavola took first place in the ASPCA Maclay Medal class.  Our second place winner was Sara Hearn and Jessica Hunkiar rounded out the top three.  Congratulations to you all.
THIS Child Medal winner is Ms. Jessica Hunkiar followed by Sara Hearn in second and Emma Breneisen.

The $7,500 Jumper Prix won by Tracy Magness and her partner Zilvano.  Tracy is the head trainer/rider at Lake View Farm located in Hughesville, Maryland.

The class pinned this way:
1st 972 Zilvano/Tracy Magness for Barbara & John Bartko of Hughesville MD C/C 37.910
2nd 960 Val D’Isere/Diego Muyshondt for Anette Friend Ft. Lauderdale FL,C/4 39.229
3rd 967 Reddit/Brian Murphy for Ann Ritchey of Mars PA 4/65.208
4th 928 Gangster CHS/Kris Killam for Tophorses LLC Leawood KS 4/70.745
5th 975 Ragnar/Thomas John Russell for Vick Russell of Columbus NC 4/70.747
6th 925 Monix/Kris Killam for Tim Haddrix LLC Leeds AL
7th 940 Kaaterskill/Kris Killam for Kevin Eufemia
8th 929 Cartograna/Kris Killam for Audrey Muscari Germantown TN


The first Mini Mini Mini Prix of the tour was won by Alexandra Smith and her ride The Good Shepard.

The class was recorded as follows:
1st 578 The Good Shepard/Alexandra Smith C/C 42.658
2nd 971 Cortina Z/Tracy Magness for Barbara & John Bartko of Hughesville MD C/C43.482
3rd 609 Southern Delight/Saylort Ellis Sarasota FL C/C 43.875
4th 554 Chablis/Alison Maine for Lilly Lane Farm Germantown Maryland C/4 45.442
5th 705 Couture/Mary Stavola for Kimberden 4/74.135
6th 930 Goodness/Kickker Eppley Naples FL
7th 943 Batman/Bethany Burns
8th 708 Scavazaho/Max Sime Ainsworth

$5,000 V.E.T Hunter Challenge was won by Keri Guanciale and Entitled. Keri, of Clarksburg, Md., graduated from Frostburg State College in Maryland with a degree in physical therapy.

The class pinned this way:
1st 562 Entitled/Keri Guanciale for Steeple Chase Farm 88/85 173
2nd 605 Annabelle/Staisha Bejarano for Cora Schiavone Oldwick NJ 86/82 168
3rd 561 Thoughtful/ Keri Guanciale for Kristen Gill Hollidaysburg PA
4th 921 Sandro/Dr. James Hassinger Aberdeen NC
5th 984 Cartiano/Amy Hassinger Aberdeen NC
6th 552 War Eagle/McKenzie Kreilich Naples FL
7th 563 Brigadier/Mary Barben of Avon Park FL
8th 551 Snap Dragon/Emily Terry Peterson for Ashley Ayoob Naples FL
9th 604 Bondoctro/Staisha Bejarano for Starbuck Equestrian Ridgefield CT
10th 606 Zico/Laurie Birnbach Sarasota FL

Abby Biter and her ride Toujours claimed the blue ribbon in the $750 Low Child/Adult JPR Classic.
Results were recorded this way:
1st 607 Toujours/Abby Biter Sarasota FL C/C 31.614
2nd 704 Don Bosco/Hannah Herrig of Bradenton FL C/C 32.268
3rd 957 Diddlina D’Ive Z/Emerson Lane Miami FL C/C 37.624
4th 968 Punchy Dorcel/Ina McNichols Tampa FL C/C 39.486
5th 623 Chihuly/Mary Stavola Ocala FL 4/74.736
6th 601 For Immediate Release/Elizabeth Lapidus Atlanta GA
7th 589 Loredes/Isabel Ernst Vero Beach FL
8th 720 Hall Of Fame/Laura Giudici Venice FL

The winner of the $2,500 High Child Adult JPR Classic was Ms. Molly Hennemann and partner Tell Me Ramoni.
The results of the class were as follows:
1st 580 Tell Me Ramoni/Molly Hennemann Lithia FL C/C 24.153
2nd 583 Carlos/Tami Sopinski Sioux Falls SD C/C 25.532
3rd 926 Thunderstoc USA/Sharon Brown of Lombard IL C/C 28.153
4th 598 Wilander/Anna Schwarzkopf for Erin Witt Alabama C/C 29.494
5th 555 Quincy/Lindsay Wolf Potomac MD 4/77.152
6th 707 Emerald Lion/Natasha Erschen East Debuque IL
7th 969 Amalee/Jessica Matelis Washington DC
8th 706 FE Grand Torino/Natasha Erschen East Debuque IL


The $25,000 Grand Prix was quite and event from beginning to end.  The evening started with a 60th birthday celebration for Dr. Jim Hassinger, horseman, exhibitor, horse show vet and longtime sponsor at Fox Lea. Ms. DiPuma sang Happy Birthday and everyone enjoyed cake.

The Jewish Community Center of Venice brought many samples of foods you can experience at their famous food festival February 19th right down the road from Fox Lea. Also joining in on the celebration was Nene’s Treats as they provided some amazing gourmet crumb cake.

The Grand Prix was again presented by InStride Therapy, Inc.,
InStride Therapy is recognized as the leading hippotherapy center in the southeastern United States and has been a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International since 1994. Please see their website for additional information. http://instridetherapy.org

Fox Lea Farm welcomed back Ms. Michelle DiPuma to sing our national anthem for the 1st of 7 $25,000 Grand Prix’s that will be presented during the V.E.T. Michelle is 13 years old and a student at Sarasota Middle School. She enjoys playing softball and plays middle Infield of the travel team. Michelle will also be singing on the opening day at Ed Smith Stadium where she will have the honor of singing the National Anthem and God Bless America.

When the Grand Prix got underway it seemed like we were going to have a jump-off by the 4 faulters, but in the end it ended up a horse race between the 13th and 15th horses to show of the original scheduled 18 horses(we had 3 scratches from the first).

Intenz Van HD/Tracy Magness (for Barbara & John Bartko of Hughesville MD) were the 13th to go in the order and the first combination to go clear in round 1. The crowd was so thrilled to see a combination make it around the 1.45-1.50 meter track built by Manuel Esparza (Can).

Just 2 horses later and it was a horse race because Bonita owned by Jamie Buis ridden by Kristen Vanderveen would also go clear.

In the end, Intenz Van HD and Tracy Magness had to set the pace and score to beat and would pull a rail in the jump-off but put up a great time of 42.078. Knowing what had to be done Kristen and Bonita went in with the goal of going clear. It was intense as the final turn for home was made, the crowd became very quiet with the anticipation of what eventually was. Kristen and Bonita did in fact leave them all standing and ended the jump-off with 1 time fault and thus the winning score. With a lifetime earning of well over $1,000,000 Kristen is no stranger to the winner’s circle

Congratulations to Kristen, who also won the Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks style award.

The Grand Prix was officially recorded as follows:
$25,000 Fox Lea Grand Prix Venice Equestrian Kick-Off

1st 952 Bonita/Kristen Vanderveen for Jamie Buis of Wellington FL,C/C 1t 52.712
2nd 970 Intenz Van HD/ Tracy Magness for Barbara & John Bartko of Hughesville MD C/4 j 42.078
3rd 570 Alonso Du Monselet/Richard Cheska 4/89.927
4th 603 Dylana Verte/David Tromp Morriston NY 4/90.286
5th 922 Clouseau/Christi Israel 4/91.750
6th 703 Biscayo/Roberto Daza
7th 602 Hagrid Van Ten Biesen/Alysson Siopes
8th 568 Richard Cheska/Utah Beach Un Prince
9th 926 Thunderstoc USA/Kris Killam for Sharon Brown of Lombard IL
10th 981 Diederik/Thomas John Russell for Helen Landon-Terranova of Charlotte NC
11th 592 Verona Van Generhese/Alexandra Van Der Rest Vero Beach FL
12th 950 Bull Run’s Levi/Kristen Vanderveen for Bull Run Jumpers Six LLC St. Charles IL

Kristen had a very successful showing this week and we look forward to seeing what happens going forward.  Many congratulations to all of the riders and their equine partners.  You all make it look very easy, but from personal experience, this Horse Show Announcer knows better.


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  1. diane
    January 30, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    is this the only way to view results?

    • January 30, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      Good Evening Diane,
      I also post the results for the Venice Equestrian Tour to the Fox Lea Farm Facebook page as well as my facebook page Horse Show Announcer. Thank you

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