$25,000 Grand Prix – Camp Fox Lea 2016 Week 3

From The Tower

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

$25,000 Fox Lea Farm Grand Prix

The Grand Prix today was won by Bowers Cone riding VIP Quality Royale owned by Bowers Cone, LLC. “Roy” is a 14-year old Dutch Warmblood (by Cavalier from Queensway Royal AES). This is the second Grand Prix win for this horse rider combination. “It was a beautiful course and my horse tried really hard for me today. I couldn’t have asked for a better effort from him. Couldn’t have done it without Steve Di Carlo and the whole Benchmark team”.

Derek Peterson was again near the top of the ribbons coming 2nd riding Co Pilot and 6th riding Diamant’s Legacy who has won 2 Grand Prix already during our “Camp” series this year.

Kyle Dewar riding his mount Gomez Van De Withoeve was 3rd and Kyle was also 12th riding his other mount Russell in the Grand Prix. Kathy Dewar had an unfortunate rail and placed 8th riding Eliza.

The class was recorded:
Times allowed for the class was 80/47
1st 483 Vip Quality Royale/Bowers Cone C/C 41.617                         gp winner week 3
2nd 399 Co Pilot/Derek Petersen C/C 42.732
3rd 328 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar C/C 43.548
4th 408 Condor C/Deborah Stephens C/4 43.113
5th 317 Centurio/German Carmargo C/4 43.278
6th 400 Diamont’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/8 40.401
7th 488 Carna Z/Gustavo Prato 4/70.629
8th 329 Eliza/Katherine Dewar 4/74.968
9th 563 Bahrain 8/Daniel Damen 4/75.233
10th 376 Black Diamond/Kris Killam 4/76.114
11th 149 Brasil/Emma Butchard 4/76.282
12th 324 Russell/Kyle Dewar 8/76.260


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