$5,000 Fox Lea Welcome Stakes

welcome 526$5,000 Fox Lea Welcome Stakes

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

Starting off the weekend with a bang in the Welcome Stakes!! We had 20 horse and rider combinations competing for the blue ribbon. Having been drawn 12th Denis Coakley and Sterling Un Prince would come to Fox Lea to take home top honors in the Welcome. Prince was not only faster through the timers but was also very smooth in the twists and turns of the jump off course, a very handy horse indeed. All in our top 8 were double clear and the story would be told by agility, speed and of course luck.

1st 802 Sterling Un Prince/Denis Coakley C/76.545-C/35.263 welcome 526 2
2nd 893 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/73.622-C/37.215
3rd 842 AF Karatino/Mauricio Garcia C/75.481-C/38.032
4th 825 Lennox 324/Samantha Senft C/75.187-C/38.370
5th 736 Captain My Captain/Laurel Blakemore C/76.203-C/38.403
6th 850 Cruz Z/Wendy Peralta C/76.944-C/39.425
7th 826 Corphin/Alan Korotkin C/76.789-C/40.899
8th 903 Stitch/Carlos Aramburo C/75.295-C/41.130


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