$5,000 Welcome Stakes – ‘Plain Brown Wrapper’ Fox Lea Camp Series 2016 Week 4

From The Tower

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

$5,000 Welcome Stakes

Sami Senft held the lead for most of the class….however it wasn’t to be for Sami and Lennox 324 owned by Castlewood Farm. Incredibly, it was yet another win by Diamant’s Legacy and Derek Petersen. This duo has simply dominated this years “Camp” series Welcome Stakes and Grand Prix classes. Moreover, Legacy Farm, owned by Derek, represented 5 of the top 8 places in the Welcome today. Gustavo Prato finished 3rd and 4th riding Carna Z and Venecia respectively.
With a start like this, the week is definitely going to be one to watch.

The class was recorded:
1st 400 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/C 31.800                                             Derek wk 4 2
2nd 269 Lennox 324/Samantha Senft C/C 33.498
3rd 488 Carna Z/Gustavo Prato C/C 33.797
4th 489 Venecia/Gustavo Prato C/C 33.836
5th 591 Constantine/Jared Petersen C/C 34.428
6th 368 Cascada/Jordan Coyne C/C 34.509
7th 399 Co Pilot/Derek Petersen C/C 35.103
8th 397 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen C/C 35.221


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