Welcome Stakes – Venice Equestrian Tour Week II 2016

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:
Venice Equestrian Tour Week II  VET2

Week II is underway and the weather thus far has been fair to good as things started smoothly yet again here in Venice, with the second Welcome Stakes now in the books. Our course designer this week is Keith Bollotte (R) from North Carolina, and he built a tough Welcome this week. Only one made it around double clear and it was none other than a local rider out of Fort Myers FL,  Amanda Hart. This is Amanda’s first “big” win so it makes it that much nicer the win comes at her home show. This is also her first year as a professional rider so watch out… looks like Amanda is going to be someone to watch grow her career.

Amanda won the class riding her own horse Precious Metal 3E and neither is a stranger here at Fox Lea. Two were faster but they were the only team that left all the sticks standing. Needless to say -and who could blame her- she was extremely thrilled for the win. Her coach Ann Pennington was also super happy with Amanda being able to put it all together in the high caliber of competition showing here at the V.E.T.

Here are the official results as recorded:
Class 604
$5,000 Welcome Stakes (1.35)
1st 203 Precious Metal 3E/Amanda Hart C/C 42.878
2nd 250 Destiney Van De Noordheuvel/Kris Killam C/4 36.724
3rd 507 Russell/Kyle Dewar C/4 41.095
4th 56 SCS Luigi/Hanley Morrison 4/fastest 4 faulter 78.617
5th 510 Tresor Du Paradis/Tracy Magness 4/79.925
6th 511 Acant 7/Kate Mulligan 4/80.769
7th 244 Fair Enough/Tracy Grandstrand 4/82.237
8th 58 Skymiles/Holly Shepherd


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