Camp Dress Rehearsal Finale

From The Tower:

2015 Fox Lea Farm “Camp Dress Rehearsal” is in the history books. The big class of the day was the Future’s Classic and what a competition it was.  The Future’s was a real family affair as husband and wife had multiple rides in the Classic. Competing head to head Katherine had two mounts and Kyle had three. Katherine came out second in the order of go on Eliza and put up the first double clear of the competition with a 43.970. Kyle rode the third in the order of go on Gomez De Withoeve and took the lead from Katherine. Kyle also had the ninth horse in the order on Dominant De Muze and although double clear wasn’t fast enough to catch Eliza and Katherine. Katherine then came in on Spitfire-W and took the lead. Katherine had to watch to see if Kyle was going to pull off the upset with his last, but it was not to be. The equestrian sports are the only sports in the world that the girls and boys play as equals, and the girls won the day in fine fashion. It was a sight to behold and keeps us all wondering what’s going to happen next week at Fox Lea.

Class 607 $15,000 Future’s Classic
II-B 84/48
1st 558 Spitfire-W/Katherine Frame Dewar C/C :41.520
2nd 554 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar C/C :43.156
3rd 557 Eliza/Katherine Frame Dewar C/C :43.970
4th 556 Dominant De Muze/Kyle Dewar C/C :44.299
5th 356 Carneyhaugh TT/Alan Korotkin C/8 :46.086
6th 529 Virda/Melanie Penner 4/76.807
7th 512 Galyleo/Mandy Killam 4/77.053
8th 478 Sky Loubet/Eduardo Salas 4/77.134
9th 481 Santa Teresita Goran/Eduardo Salas 4/77.802
10th 535 Cartograna/Kris Killam 4/79.583
11th 477 Snatch De Cordrac/Eduardo Salas 4/1 time 84.355
12th 493 Freestyle 3/Juan Bancalari 8/77.703

Class 850 Mini Prix (0.95M)
Time Allowed 65/40
Pinning the top 6
1st 453 Killian’s Gold/Kris Killam C-4/32.548
2nd 498 Whiskey Bent & Hellbound/Kaitlin Curington C-4/32.956
3rd 530 Inky Johnson/Sherry Hyland-Phillips C/1 time
4th 439 Ring Of Fire/Christina Rodriguez 4/58.936
5th 441 Quiet Flight/Taylor Bie 4/60.725
6th 513 Maria/Samantha Baker 8/64.143

Class 491 WIHS Equitation
1st 429 Nicole Liebowitz 82
2nd 434 Isabella Noto 78
3rd 497 Bailey Brasington 77
4th 362 Sophia Burvenich
5th 514 Devin Seek
6th 312 Dominique Gonzalez
7th 418 Lauren Shirard

Class 932 WIHS Jumper Phase
1st 372 Tanner Korotkin 78
2nd 497 Bailey Brasington 72 (78-6)
3rd 429 Nicole Liebowitz 68 (81-13)

Class 489 ASPCA Maclay Medal
1st 434 Isabella Noto
2nd 429 Nicole Liebowitz
3rd 312 Dominique Gonzalez
4th 514 Devin Seek
5th 362 Sophia Burvenich
6th 372 Tanner Korotkin

Class 496 THIS National Child Medal
1st 429 Nicole Liebowitz
2nd 514 Devin Seek
3rd 316 Dominique Gonzalez
4th 418 Lauren Schirad
5th 387 Lia Screnci
6th Alexandra Daley


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