Camp Fox Lea 2017 is here!!

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:  Camp Fox Lea 2017 is in full swing

At Fox Lea Farm, color wars is well under way and everyone is having a blast at Camp. If you have never been or haven’t been for a while, you are missing out on something very special.

We would like to once again recognize our judges and our course designers, and two of the best judges in the business again graced us with their presence, Kathleen Stamps (Oxford Ga) and Chuck Mayer (Palm Beach). Tom Hern (Massachusetts) and Eric Mayberry (Florida) did an amazing job with our courses.

Luis Larrazabal of Venezuela rides for San Francisco Stables in Wellington Fl., and this time it was Luis riding G&C Close Up that handily won the Welcome Class.  Luis also placed 8th on Paddi La Sille.

Welcome Stakes results for “Camp”

1st 512 G&C Close Up/Luis Larrazabal C/C 42.275
2nd 238 Saphir Du Bois/Alvaro Lozada C/C 44.894
3rd 188 Clouseau/Christi Israel C/C 46.244
4th 452 Santa Teresita Chaplin/Eduardo Salas C/C 46.316
5th 187 Cracky Z/Christi Israel
6th 184 Pialotta/Christi Israel
7th 128 SOHO D’Ermisserie/Tyler Smith
8th 513 Paddi La Sille/Luis Larrazabal


Camp Fox Lea Grand Prix:

Legacy and Jared Peterson riding Catano 29 do it again!!

This was the second Grand Prix win in a row for Jared Petersen and Catano 29 here at the Camp series!!  They took an inside turn that made all the difference in making the time to take the win. Congratulations to Jared and Catano!!

Six horses would make the advance to the jump-off. Kyle Dewar would end up 2nd and 3rd on Clever Van De Helle and Darkos Promise respectively. Luis Larrazabal riding G&C Close Up for San Francisco Stables of Wellington earned 4th place. Luis won the Welcome this week. Jared also placed 5th riding Titus 2:11. Christi Israel would also make the jump-off riding Cracky Z. Her other mount Clouseau would be our fastest 4 faulter of the morning and placed 7th.

Grand Prix officially recorded:

1st 281 Catano 29/Jared Petersen C/C 40.639
2nd 275 Clever Van De Helle/Kyle Dewar C/C 41.667
3rd 296 Darkos Promise/Kyle Dewar C/C 41.724
4th 512 G And C Close Up/Luis Larrazabal
5th 283 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen
6th 187 Cracky Z/Christi Israel
7th 188 Clouseau/Christi Israel
8th 282 Diamont’s Legacy/Derek Petersen
9th 591 Thunderstroc USA/Kris Killam
10th 450 Cantaloupe Spark Z/Victoria Zwarycz
11th 316 Biscayo/Roberto Daza
12th 592 Krischan/Kris Killam


It was Mary Eufemia’s day to shine in the USHJA National Hunter Derby…twice!! She not only won the class but also placed 2nd. Mary is a one of those riders you truly enjoy watching in the hunter ring and is a genuinely nice person.

1st 402 Pacino/Mary Eufemia 88/91 179
2nd 403 Violets Are Blue/Mary Eufemia
3rd 211 Snowland/Clair Kellner
4th 484 Little Jack/Alannah Wagstaff
5th 138 Aaron/Olivia Notman
6th 404 Pappy Van Winkle/EMILY MITZEL
7th 260 Caramba/Sarah Boon
8th 552 Favorite/McKenzie Hughes
9th 105 Time TO Tango/Claire Lee
10th 553 Silvio/Mckinsey Hughes
1th 253 August Moon/Mary Stavola
12th 525 Lookalike/Margot Hirsch

1.25 Jumper Prix results

1st 320 Dukata/Maggie Alexander
2nd 132 Believe/Elizabeth Ecclestone
3rd 485 Reykjavik/Alannah Wagstaff
4th 184 Pialotta/Christi Israel
5th 227 Kentaro/Alicia Gamboa
6th 576 Waloubet/Anna Rhodes
7th 449 Finarfin Z/Eduardo Salas
8th 327 E-Toulana/Hana Bieling

At 77 years young, Stuart Harelik, pulled off a trifecta this week, winning all three 0.85 meter jumper classes on his 17 hh paint horse, Panda Shamu. This is certainly a a rider that deserves recognition.


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