Camp Fox Lea has begun 2015

From The Tower:


The day started off with beautiful skies and moderate temps.  There was plenty of excitement as the first Welcome Stakes of the summer began.  It was a very competitive group today, and only the top 2 went double clear.  The Marshall & Sterling was a very close head to head competition.  With a start like this, I look forward to what I believe will be a very interesting summer with strong competitors.  There will be four more Welcome Stakes at FLF this Camp series, so be sure to join us.


Class 604 Fox Lea Farm’s $5000 Welcome Stakes at 1.35 meter with the top 8 pinned this way:

1st place Carneyhaugh TT owned by Sandalwood Farm, ridden by Alan Korotkin.

2nd place Thorpe owned by Sandalwood Farm, ridden by Alan Korotkin.

3rd place Freestyle 3 owned and ridden by Juan Bancalari.

4th place Virda owned and ridden by Melanie Penner.

5th place Sky Loubet owned by Ricardo Nizri, ridden by Eduardo Salas.

6th place Santa Teresita Goran owned and ridden by Eduardo Salas.

7th place Cartograna owned by Audrey Mascari, ridden by Kris Killam.

8th place Maranello owned and ridden by Alicia Gamboa.
Class 605 The $1500 Marshall & Sterling Child Adult Jumper Class had the top 3 pinned this way:

1st place to Bright Lady owned and ridden by Manuel Bancalari.

2nd place to Elle owned and ridden by Morgan Monahan.

3rd place to Chamadoowned and ridden by Kara Constantakos.



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