Fox Lea Farms Camp Pre-S’mores 2017

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

Camp at Fox Lea Farm has hit full stride now and it’s been fantastic with the weather being mostly cooperative. A big thank you to our judges this past week with Andrea Wells R Georgia & Woody Dykers R also from Georgia in the hunter rings and Sue Woithe R & Julie Aitken R both of Florida in the jumper rings . Dean Rheinheimer and Tucker Williams continue to build our courses. Thanks to Dr. Melissa Restive, DVM of Brandon Equine Medical Center as our show vet and Freddie Rangel for keeping our feet taken care of in the farrier barn.

There is no doubt about it, Legacy Farm is having a fantastic tour at Camp. First it was Derek Petersen and Diamant’s Legacy making it three victories in a row in the Welcome Stakes class. Meanwhile Jared Petersen and Catano 29 were 2nd to his trainer, mentor and father in the Welcome.

Tanner Korotkin was 3rd on Cuno Mp and also 6th place ribbon on Nea Forlani.

Welcome Stake Camp Pre-S’mores 2017

1st 282 Diamont’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/C 38.892
2nd 281 Catano 29/Jared Petersen C/C 41.038
3rd 324 Cuno MP/Tanner Korotkin C/4 42.030
4th 502 Una Du Keska Z/Rodrigo Bedoya
5th 478 Tuja 6/Abigail Ron
6th 135 Nea Forlani Z/Tanner Korotkin
7th 188 Clouseau/Christi Israel
8th 409 Nana Mia/Savannah Unger

There must be something in the water at Legacy Farms because Jared Petersen won the Grand Prix on Catano 29 after placing 2nd in the Welcome this week. With a very careful horse and with a great inside turn, Jared and Catano had the benefit of being the last to go in the jump-off, as they were the last horse in the first round of competition. Jared also placed 9th on Titus 2:11.

Giving Jared a run for his money was Abigail Ron and Tuja 6. Abigail and Tuja would place 6th in the Welcome this week, making preparations for her ride here in the Grand Prix.

Coming 3rd in the Grand Prix was Christi Israel. Christi also placed 7th riding Cracky Z. Christi is no stranger here at Fox Lea and has become as regular as clockwork in the top ribbons in the Grand Prix and Welcome classes as well as bringing along some younger horses.

The 4th place ribbon and personal best so far in the Grand Prix ranks was Tanner Korotkin. Mr. Korotkin also placed 8th on Nea Forlani Z. Tanner has also been doing very well in the Equitation classes here during our Camp series.

The class was officially recorded as:

Grand Prix Pre-S’mores

1st 281 Catano 29/Jared Petersen C/C 42.857
2nd 478 Tuja 6/Abigail Ron C/C 44.115
3rd 188 Clouseau/Christi Israel C/4 44.904
4th 324 Cuno MP/Tanner Korotkin C/12 43.119
5th 282 Diamont’s Legacy/Derek Petersen
6th 101 Centurio/German Camargo
7th 187 Cracky Z/Christi Israel
8th 135 Nea Forlani Z/Tanner Korotkin
9th 283 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen
10th 238 Saphir Du Bois/Alvaro Lozada
11th 316 Biscayo/Roberto Daza
12th 422 Casanto/Jordan Coyne

Third of seven of the USHJA National Hunter Derby Classes at Camp Fox Lea is in the books. Winning the Derby was Dominique Gonzalez from San Juan Puerto Rico,  riding for Wadsworth Equestrian of Lantana Fl. The day before the win in the Derby was Ro-Ro’s 7th birthday making this even that much more of a special win for Dominique.

“I want to thank the owners Wadsworth Equestrian for the ride on such a great horse! As well as my dad for training me and my mom for cleaning my boots and making sure I’m always polished before going in. Of course a thank you to the big pony for the win”

Snowland who is owned by Kristen Price of Odessa FL and ridden by Clair Kellner came 2nd and Lia Screnci riding her own Zoffany was 3rd.

USHJA National Hunter Derby official results:

1st 426 Euro D’Hyrencourt/Dominique Gonzalez 85.5/89 174.5
2nd 211 Snowland/Clair Kellner 87/86 173
3rd 540 Zoffany/Lia Screnci 85/86 171
4th 484 Little Jack/Alannah Wagstaff
5th 330 Tribecca/Clair Kellner
6th 404 Pappy Van Winkle/Emily Mitzel
7th 552 Favorite/McKenzie Hughes
8th 286 Kiss And Tell/Alexis Mazzota
9th 248 Seacreast’s Bentley/Rachel Rolfs
10th 531 Insight/Page Flournoy
11th 138 Aaron/Olivia Notman
12th 553 Silvio/Mckinsey Hughes

Congratulations also go out to Savannah Unger and Nana Mia for the win in the 1.25M Jumper Prix Class. This weeks class was especially large and Mia & Savannah won it by more than two and a half seconds.

There has been another standout so far during Camp 2017.  John Angus is an up and coming young rider in the jumpers who has won or placed in every class he has entered! This young man has guts and has an incredible ability to see spots and take inside lines that some pro’s I know wouldn’t try. John will be one of those riders that we will all be able to say “I knew him when”.

To wrap up this week’s re-cap we need to point out yet another talent here at Fox Lea. Nico Gamboa, who you will often find at the South jumper ring in-gate, won both the ASPCA Maclay and the WHIS Jumper phase this week. If you ever get a chance to meet Nico, and you have a passion for football,  or soccer to us Yanks, you better be ready for some aggressive foot action because not only is he a fan…but he’s got mad skills.




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