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From The Tower:

Camp Smores Day Two:

The most competitive class of the day was most certainly the last. This class was the ever popular Sit-A-Buck (canter section), and was truly a marathon. In all my time behind the mic I have never seen a fun class go sooooo long. The eventual winner of the class was Riley Zinn riding Star aka Made Ya Look. “He has so much fun riding bareback, which makes it super enjoyable!” Star is a 12 years old, bay gelding 15.2 HH Paso Fino X Thoroughbred. Not to be out done in the cuteness factor, Elizabeth Pappas riding Into The Mystic won our walk-trot section of the Sit-A-Buck classes. Camp Counselor Jenn had her hands full, as there was a big herd in both sections of the class.

The Welcome Stakes had 22 horse/rider combinations in the class. For those of you that don’t know, Sami Senft had surgery only 6 days prior to competing. Sami had this to say, “Early was great, especially after not jumping a full course since the $60,000 GP in Kentucky, I was extremely happy with how she felt, each jump just came up perfectly and didn’t have to fight too much for her to listen to me. Since my accident she has taken extremely good care of me and I am very lucky to have a horse like her.”   Anyone who says equestrians (horse or rider) are not athletes needs to have their head examined.

$5,000 Welcome Stakes:
Table II-2-b Time Allowed 79/50
We saw 22 in the Welcome and we are pinning the top 8:

1st 378 Early Morning/Samantha Senft C/C 33.233
2nd 285 Holala Z/Cristina Huertematte C/C35.046
3rd 542 AF Karatino/Mauricio Garcia Ballesteros C/C 37.006
4th 558 Spitfire-W/Katherine Frame Dewar C/C 37.062
5th 541 Bahrain 8/Daniel Damen C/C 37.119
6th 590 Cliff Ii/Lauren Schweppe C/C 37.429
7th 507 Condor C/Deborah Stephens C/C 38.889
8th 536 Qurint/Hayley Waters C/4 33.737
556 Dominant De Muze/Kyle Dewar C/4 35.102
539 No Doubt/Hayley Waters C/4 1 time 50.709
555 Cornelia/Kyle Dewar C/12 38.491
557 Eliza/Katherine Frame Dewar 4/71.582
281 Hillstreet/Anna Christina Gansauer 4/72.952
300 Tres Bien/Katherine Steenberg 4/73.992
294 Vorcotique AC/Roberto Daza 4/75.065
493 Freestyle 3/Juan Bancalari 4/77.683

Class 327 High Child/Adult Jumper:

Time Allowed 83/54
Top 6 pinned this way
1st 352 Tommy Toon/Andrea Randell C/C 68.930
2nd 413 Chamado/Kara Constantakos
3rd 350 Indy Loop/Paige Osborne
4th 417 Upper Crombie
5th 648 Skyfall/Jessica Castillo
6th 314 Sharif/Dominique Gonzalez

Class 606 NAL Jr/AO Jumper Classic (1.30M):

1st 307 Jason Du Boele/Katherine Steenberg
2nd 512 Galyleo/Mandy Killam
3rd 376 Cantor/Elizabeth Craven
4th 647 Snookie/Kristen Bayer
5th 355 Castlebay/Grace Dreyer
6th 494 Bright Lady/Manuel Bancalari


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