Fox Lea Camp Dress Rehearsal 2016 Series – Welcome Stakes

From The Tower

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

The first day of “Camp Fox Lea 2016” is in the record books!!! What a great day of fun with Camp Counselor Jackie providing much entertainment and many horse rider combinations were awarded ribbons for their achievements.

We are thrilled to have back at Fox Lea two veteran hunter judges Linda and Bucky Reynolds…the wife husband team from Warrenton VA. We at Fox Lea are proud to bring you top judges from around the country and Linda and Bucky are certainly in the uppermost echelon. Also returning is Sue Woithe (R) from Placida FL in the Main Jumper ring. Sue is a true and valued friend of Fox Lea Farm and we are pleased to see her return yet again. Jumper ring 2 is being judged by Julie Aitken (r) of Davie FL who is a familiar face in the judge’s box here.

Congratulations to Derek Petersen riding Diamant’s Legacy for the win of the first Welcome Stakes class of Camp 2016.

$5,000 Welcome Stakes (1.35M)

1st 400 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/C 38.238
2nd 295 Nana Mia/Savannah Nicole Unger C/C 38.614
3rd 317 Centurio/German Camargo C/C 40.225derek welcome 2
4th 336 Cracky Z/Christi Israel C/C 41.229
5th 324 Russell/Kyle Dewar C/C 42.771
6th 330 Cornelia/Kyle Dewar C/C
7th 397 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen C/C
8th 398 Cornerstone/Jared Petersen C/4


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