Fox Lea Camp Dress Rehearsal 2016 Series- Grand Prix

From The Tower

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

Derek Peterson of Archer FL, who owns Diamant’s Legacy, continues the winning spirit here at Fox Lea by winning the Grand Prix!! They also won the Welcome Stakes on Wednesday. Derek and Diamant’s Legacy were the first horse/rider combination in the class. Therefore, they were first to go into the jump off and set a pace that no one could beat.
There was very tough competition here today including Olympian Kirk Webby who came 2nd and Derek’s son Jared was not far behind in 3rd continuing that family feel that seems synonymous with Fox Lea. If not for the 2 rails in the in jump off it would have been a victory for Savannah Unger and Nana Mia. This combination made their Grand Prix debut here during the inaugural Venice Equestrian Tour earlier this year and are certainly a team to watch.
Congratulations also go out to all those who placed in the top 12 and the class was recorded this way:
1st 400 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/C 43.920derek gp 2
2nd 403 Dorella/Kirk Webby C/C 45.223
3rd 398 Cornerstone/Jared Petersen C/C 46.202
4th 384 Biscayo/Roberto Daza C/C 55.248
5th 376 Black Diamond/Kris Killam C/4 44.454
6th 369 Lazaro/Jordan Coyne C/4 44.952
7th 328 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar C/4 45.212
8th 295 Nana Mia/Savannah Unger C/84.559 8/43.083
9th 317 Centurio/German Carmargo C/88.836 EL
9th 336 Cracky Z/Christi Israel C/90.273 EL
11th 399 Co Pilot/Derek Petersen 4/82.874
12th 335 Clouseau/Christi Israel 4/83.142


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