Fox Lea Farm – $25,000 Grand Prix

grand prix 521$25,000 Fox Lea Farm Grand Prix

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:

The Grand Prix had a few firsts this evening. To start things off our friend and co-Grand Prix announcer Amy Hassinger kicked off the night by singing the national anthem and I’ve got to tell you she’s got some pipes.

The night was originally slated to have 18 horse/rider combinations but we did have a scratch before things got underway thus 17 would make the attempt at the first round with only 3 making it to the jump off. The competition was strong but there were a few mistakes made by horse and or rider that kept a few more from making the 2nd round with 8 combinations that simply put a toe wrong incurring 4 faults each. For one of these 8 it was their first time at Fox Lea…this was also the first Grand Prix for the chestnut mare which is 8 years old…her rider is 17 year old Savannah Unger, the youngest rider of the evening. Now Savannah herself made her Grand Prix debut last year so she is no stranger to the Grand Prix competition but Nana Mia and Ms. Unger certainly showed lots of talent. We hope to see this young duo again at Fox Lea in the very near future. Another stand out was again team Legacy Farm as all 4 of their mounts made the top 12. This is a show of brilliant consistency in horses and riders. Jordan came 3rd and 4th on Lazaro and Cascada as Derek and Jarod were 6th and 7th.

I am no longer surprised by the backgrounds, diversity, or obstacles the horses and riders need to overcome to make it to the realm of Grand Prix…and I am not only talking about the height and width of the jumps. No matter how the riders get here…I don’t think any of them would tell you it was, or is easy. It takes skill, guts, determination, lots of luck and true grit to attempt to point an animal with its own ideas of how its done at a 1.50M square oxer and expect nothing to go wrong.

It was also a first for me as I was able to play a national anthem for the winner of a class I’ve never played. Our winner of the Grand Prix was Roberto Daza of Bolivia. Biscayo is owned by Mr. Daza and that always makes a win just that much sweeter for the rider in that situation.

As I always point out – the sport of Equestrian is the only Olympic sport where the ladies and gentlemen compete head to head. Tonight it just so happens the guys came 1st and 2nd. But the ladies certainly gave them a run for their money.

We recognize the top twelve and the class was recorded as such:

(88/45 times allowed)
1st 745 Biscayo/Roberto Daza C/84.626 15 C 42.059 grand prix 521 1
2nd 684 Stitch/Carlos Aramburo C/86.066 6 C/1time 45.234
3rd 730 Lazaro/Jordan Coyne C/80.053 3 4/37.838
4th 728 Cascada/Jordan Coyne 4/78.334
5th 678 Black Diamond/Kris Killam 4/78.522
6th 727 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Petersen 4/79.246
7th 726 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen 4/81.658
8th 752 Bahrain 8/Daniel Damen 4/82.183
9th 751 Dorella/Kirk Webby 4/82.633
10th 672 Nana Mia/Savannah Nicole Unger 4/83.946
11th 721 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar 4/84.027
12th 722 Russell/Kyle Dewar 8/80.641

Congratulations to all the riders, owners, and equine partners. We should always thank our equine partners, after all how successfully do you think you’d jump a 1.50M fence without them?


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