Fox Lea Farm Camp Boot Camp 2017

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Camp Fox Lea 2017 is under way

This is my 5th year announcing the Fox Lea Camp series of shows and it continues to grow. This year it’s 33 show days. It’s amazing seeing the new riders and horses and yes we’ve seen many come and go. What’s really cool is watching them all grow and improve and we miss those that have gone on to carriers in other parts of the country or have retired.

Fox Lea is a family.  From the ground maintenance led by Jamie Stanley…he is the one always on the tractor… to Chris Barnes who is the café manager, to the jump crew who are often led by Manny Feregrino.  Working the in-gates so far this year we have cousins Alicia and Nico Gamboa and the husband and wife team of Jenn & James Adams.  Keeping everything running in the show office we have Jenn and Leanne Gamboa (sisters-in-law) and our Camp Counselor this year is the always-fabulous Jacqueline Desormier.  Of course our biggest cheerleader is our operations manager extraordinaire Kim Farrell.

This year’s judge’s list, as in past years reads as a who’s who and we are thrilled to be working with them: Karen Kenny, Chris Gilman, Paddy Downing-Nyegard, Woody Dykers, Andrea Wells, Chuck Mayer, Kathleen Stamps, Todd Karnes, Andy Lomker, Bill Talbert, Jim Clapperton, John Mc Queen, Sue Woithe and Julie Aitken

We welcome some great friends in our course designers this year as well:

Phil DaVita (Jr), Doug Russell, Tucker Williams, Dean Rheinheimer, Eric Mayberry and Bill Worthington.

Week 1 “Camp Boot Camp” is in the record books:

Getting things started in the first week of Camp in the Welcome Stake was Legacy Farms and their 1-2-3 at the top.  Derek and Jared Petersen are no strangers at Fox Lea and once again it was Diamont’s Legacy and Derek Petersen winning the Welcome.  Jared came 2nd on his outstanding horse Titus 2:22 and 3rd on Catano 29. As you’ll see by the times it was just a matter of who got the faster turn or pace by a frog’s hair.

Class 604 Welcome Stakes:

1st 282 Diamont’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/C 41.623
2nd 283 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen C/C 42.103
3rd 281 Catano 29/Jared Petersen C/C 43.212
4th 305 Casual/Celso Ariani C/4 45.539
5th 276 Cornelia/Kyle Dewar
6th 101 Centurio/German Camargo
7th 306 ETS OK/Michael Kirby
8th 237 Carna Z/Gustavo Prato

First Grand Prix of 7 in the Camp series started off the holiday week with a bang!!

We had a very good turnout for the Grand Prix and the spectators were not disappointed in a chase for the blue ribbon.

Out of the gate our second horse to go in the first round of the Grand Prix was Christi Israel of Birmingham Alabama riding her own Cracky Z…they would be the first of five that would negotiate the first round clear.  Just a couple of horses later it would be the first of two for Kyle Dewar to make the jump-off riding Clever Van De Helle.  Clever indeed lived up to his name and placed 2nd in the jump-off.  The third horse and rider combination to make the jump-off round, was the winner of the Welcome Stake on Saturday and that was Derek Petersen riding his Diamant’s Legacy.  The fourth combination to make the jump-off would ultimately be our class winner, Kyle Dewar, this time riding Gomez Van De Withoeve, who bested Kyle’s previous time on Clever awarding Kyle a 1-2 finish here in Prix.  Jared Petersen also made the jump-off today riding Catano 29 and would finish 3rd.

It was a family affair in the winners circle…Kyle and Kathy with son Jackson and daughter Ada…now things will get tricky in a few years when the kids start competing in the big jumper classes…who will get the rides?  Time will tell.

Grand Prix

The class was officially recorded:

1st 292 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar C/C 36.917
2nd 275 Clever Van De Helle/Kyle Dewar C/C 37.488
3rd 281 Catano 29/Jared Petersen C/4 36.152
4th 282 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Petersen C/8 35.467
5th 187 Cracky Z/Christi Israel C/8 39.174
6th 283 Titus 2:11/Jared Petersen 4/72.968
7th 237 Carna Z/Gustavo Prato
8th 307 Koolman 78/Tricia O’Conner
9th 316 Biscayo/Roberto Daza
10th 306 K.T.S. OK/Michael Kirby
11th 304 Eukleman De La Nutria/Celso Ariani
12th 101 Centurio/German Camargo

$2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby “Camp Boot Camp”

Officially recorded as:

1st 279 New Moon/Katie Brown 85/87 172
2nd 311 Jasper/Claire Lube
3rd 295 Top Quality/Alexandra Kozel
4th 165 RS Darwin/Dana Noga
5th 248 Seacreast’s Bentley/Rachel Rolfs
6th 243 One In A Million/ Mina Robinson
7th 286 Kiss And Tell/Alexis Mazzota
8th 285 Allela/Isabel Beltran
9th 230 Fairy Tail Ending MF/Alicia Gamboa

The Platinum Performance Talent Search class was a big hit and was won by Tanner Korotkin.  Tanner also won the WIHS hunter phase.

1st 150 Tanner Korotkin
2nd 132 Elizabeth Ecclestone
3rd 322 Dominique Gonzalez
4th 147 Trinity Beitler
5th 133 Erin Ecclestone
6th 183 Nico Gamboa

A congrats is in order for Lexi Smylie for winning both the Taylor Harris and the Marshal & Stirling Child Medal!!

Pessoa Hunt Seat Medal class and the ASPCA Maclay were won by Cassidy Warren!!

See you all at Dress Rehearsal.  “Places everyone…Places!!!”



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    Thank you for taking the time to write a nice article about the show! 🙂

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