Fox Lea Farm Spring Concours I Welcome Stakes

FLF Welcome 42816Once again from Atop the Spiral Staircase I’m here at Fox Lea for the Spring Concours I and $25,000 Grand Prix weekend.  The Welcome Stakes class had 27 horse and rider combinations in the class. The 21st in the order would come home to win the Welcome with an impressive couple of very smooth but tight rollback turns in the jump off. Paulo Santana and Taloubet had the fastest time when all was said and done. 3 made it around double clear and it became a tale of the timers.  Aaron Vale and Jordon Coyne both had multiple rides and both had two in the top ten.

We recognize the top 8 this way:

1st 458 Taloubet/Paulo Santana C/C 37.832
2nd 395 Carlo/Aaron Vale C/C 38.803
3rd 509 Lazaro/Jordan Coyne C/C 40.325
4th 507 Diamant’s Legacy/Derek Peterson C/4 38.163
5th 394 Quidam’s Good Luck/Aaron Vale C/4 41.344
6th 477 Dorella/Kirk Webby C/4 41.699
7th 403 Eliza/Katherine Dewar 4/67.566
8th 501 Cascada/Jordan Coyne 4/69.659


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