Fox Lea Farm Venice Equestrian Tour 2018 week III in review

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase at Fox Lea Farm:
Week 3 in review

Another week of amazing exhibitors and their horses, fantastic competition in all rings, and absolutely beautiful weather. Who could ask for anything more?

It seems the horses from North Carolina have come to put their stamp on things in a big way. Maryann Charles riding out of Skyline Farm in Southern Pines North Carolina as well as the Russell family riding out of Ly-Nard Hills Farm from Columbus North Carolina, have been doing a great job.

FVF Sailor Man and Maryann Charles

The Welcome class was extremely competitive right to the last horse, with amazing rollbacks turns being the key to victory. Congratulations are in order to Maryann Charles and FVF Sailor Man owned by Fox View Farms of Bahama North Carolina. 5th placed tied with a time of 43.917 for Shannon Clifford riding Illusionist and Thomas John Russell on his second mount Ragnar. Wow!


The class was officially recorded as:

1st FVF Sailor Man/Maryann Charles C/C 41.045
2nd Shining De Reve/Thomas John Russell C/C 42.004
3rd Camilla/Sadie Leon C/C 42.515
4th Luminous/Marylisa Leffler C/C 43.589
5th Illusionist II/Shannon Clifford C/C 43.917
5th Ragnar/Thomas John Russell C/C 43.917
7th Lalainy/Christina Webb C/C 44.577
8th Chap L/Carly Campbell-Cooper C/C 46.216
9th Deliante M/Marylisa Leffler C/C 49.071
10th Quontine De La Rouge/Clayton Russell C/4 47.830

With a week of newcomers at the show, we were brought to attention by the voice of 1st Lieutenant Lashawn Bowman who sang the national anthem. Lt. Bowman is a senior at the Sarasota Military Academy High School and will be attending Methodius University in NC. Lt. Bowman plans to enlist in the United States Army Reserve in June. If you weren’t at the show I’d encourage you to watch the video of his performance on the Fox Lea Farm facebook fan page.

Fox Lea Farm

Kicking off the Grand Prix is Lashawn Bowman…

The third of seven Friday Night Under the Lights in this tour for the Grand Prix, had another large international group of riders, including a Grand Prix debut, but more on that later.   It seems that Fox Lea has their fair share of first timers in the big class.

There were 5 that went fault free in the first round and 1 that had a single time fault, but was otherwise clear.   Allen Nabors had two horses that would put up first round clears and Gustavo Prato with four was our busiest rider of the night.

However, when the scorecards were turned in Allen. “Mr. Hollywood”, would place 4th and 5th on Gigolo John and F Zermie 5 respectively. Alan has become a very regular sight in the big money class and is definitely a crowd favorite.

Our 3rd place ribbon was won by a newcomer to the Grand Prix ranks. First time out of the gate and wouldn’t you know it, she would beat some of the most seasoned to show here. Sadie Leon, riding her own Camilla. Sadie is from Mississauga Ontario Canada. She traveled a long way to show and was well awarded for her efforts. Not only did she place 3rd in the Prix but she was also 3rd in the $7,500 Welcome class on Thursday. Ms. Leon is no stranger to tough competition as she is past Reserve Champion at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in addition to placing 3rd in the Modified Prix at St. Angelo. Congratulations on a great start to your Grand Prix carrier and we are happy that you started here at Fox Lea!!!

Winning the 2nd place ribbon was Shannon Clifford. Ms. Clifford is an amateur rider who has represented the United States in international competition a number of times.   On the night she was owner/rider on the 12-year-old Selle Francais gelding by Elan De La Cour.   Recently this combination has also been “in the money” at Tryon, Split Rock Jumping Tour, and Wellington.

The fastest double clear however, was none other than Gustavo Prato. Mr. Prato rides for

Gustavo Prato and Finisterra

Argentina with 37 FEI International starts in 2017 alone. Their last Grand Prix win was right here at Fox Lea in July during their Summer Camp series and we are glad to see him bring so many talented and young horses to these shows. This time for the win he was riding Finisterra owned by Santiago Lambre who currently calls Wellington FL home.

The class was officially recorded as:

1st Finisterra/Grustavo Prato C/C 42.229
2nd Riesling De Milvrault/Shannon Clifford C/C 43.952
3rd Camilla/Sadie Leon C/4 41.577
4th Gigolo John/Allen Nabors C/4 50.285

Gustavo and the presentation of the winner’s check

5th F Zermie 5/Allen Nabors C/12 44.593
6th Shining De Reve/Thomas John Russel C/1t 90.591
7th Philadelphia 54/Maryann Charles 4/81.578
8th FVF Sailor Man/Maryann Charles
9th Deliante M/Marylisa Leffler
10th Carna Z/Gustavo Prato
11th Luminous/Marylisa Leffler
12th Clouseau/Christi Israel


In this week’s $1000 Veredus Mini Mini Prix it was Melanie Markham & Diesel who took home the blue ribbon. They had a very good week here at the Venice Equestrian Tour. Congrats to Melanie and Diesel for the win!!

Melanie and Diesel

Class officially recorded as:

1st Diesel/Melanie Markham C/C 33.007
2nd Victor/Maryann Charles C/C 33.617
3rd Fernhill Lucky One/Ken Krome C/C 33.928
4th Larrico/Rachel Ross C/C 36.414
5th O’Danny Boy/Laura Shinn C/C 37.794
6th Chablis/Alison Maine C/C 43.569
7th Carlin/Maryann Charles C/4 31.780
8th Callione/Tyler Bunn C/4 36.007


Ly-Nard Hills Farm was well represented in the 1.25M Jumper Prix.  Melleficent and Clayton Russell would win the class, with Lily Hahn, Vick Russell in 3rd and 4th respectively and Clayton also picking up 6th.  Great job guys and keep up the great work!!

Clayton Russell

1.25M Jumper Prix
The class was officially recorded as:

1st Melleficent/Clayton Russell C/C 36.757
2nd Celista 2/Allen Nabors C/C 37.084
3rd Utopie De La Vigne/Lily Hahn C/C 37.929
4th Conto Van De Helle/Vick Russell C/C 41.189
5th Camille/Sierra Abner C/C 42.698
6th Quontine De La Rouge/Clayton Russell 4/75.457
7th Philadelphia 54/Christina Webb
8th Lalainy/Christina Webb

Darby Madden wins again!! A.S.P.C.A., Dover and THIS


The wins keep coming in the Equitation classes. Winning the ASPCA Maclay, the Dover and the THIS medals again this week was Darby Madden. I will be bringing you a spotlight interview on Ms. Madden later in the tour.




Fox Lea Newcomer Rachel Ross wins the NHS Medal

Rachel Ross is the NHS Medal winner this week and is a newcomer to Fox Lea Farm.  The winner of the $5,000 VET Hunter Challenge was Marylisa Leffler riding Ufonia P, the Belgian Warmblood mare by Onze Fons owned by Paulexi LLC of Bristol Va.

Marylisa Leffler and Ufonia P.

$5,000 VET Hunter Challenge
The class was officially recorded as:

1st Ufonia P./Marylisa Leffler
2nd Gioia/Sue Gibbs
3rd Tall Paul/Vick Russell
4th Sandro/James Hassinger
5th Axtrex/Addie Jabin
6th Confidential/Megan All
7th Calvin/Mckenna Nagy
8th Irresistible/ Lauren Bramley
9th Cartiano/James Hassinger
10th Corton Charlemagne/Daniel Berrio

We look forward to seeing everyone next week!! If you happen to be here please stop by and say hello. Out from behind the mic once again.



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