Fox Lea Farm’s 2017 Venice Equestrian Tour III Wrap-Up Marks the Midpoint

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase once again here at Fox Lea Farm is the week in review for the Venice Equestrian Tour III:

Consistently in the top of the Jumpers here at Fox Lea Tommy John does it again, this time winning the Welcome riding Ragnar. Ragnar is an 8 year-old Bay Swedish Warmblood gelding sired by Hip Hop and owned by Vick Russell.

The Welcome Stake class was recorded as:

1st 975 Ragnar/Thomas John Russell for Vick Russell of Columbus NC C/C 30.079
2nd 687 FVF Sailor Man/Maryann Charles for Fox View Farm C/C 30.530
3rd 814 Captivate/Matt Martin for Falcon Ridge Stables C/C 30.900
4th 461 Coca II/Dominique Gonzalez rides for Redfield Farm
5th 654 Belle Clara DKS/Holly Shepherd for Dejan Krunic
6th 899 Alasca LV Z/Juan Andres Lazzazabal for San Francisco Stables
7th 859 Stitch/Carlos Aramburo for Amy Yoder

Congratulations to Greer Campbell, the winner of this weeks Taylor Harris Winner.  Dominique Gonzalez takes home the blue as the winner of the Washington International Equitation, and the Pessoa Winner is Ms. Samantha Meyer.  Great job to you all!

It should be no surprise to anyone who attended the Welcome that the winner of the 1.25M $7,500 Jumper Prix is Thomas John Russell and Ragnar.  These two are no strangers to the winners circle during the Fox Lea Venice Equestrian Tour.

The results were recorded as:

1st 975 Ragnar/Thomas John Russell for Vick Russell C/C 36.475
2nd 747 Precious Metal 3E/Amanda HartC/C 36.666
3rd 752 Any/Thomas John Russell for Arnoud Dobber
4th 461 Coca II/Dominique Gonzalez rides for Redfield Farm
5th 882 Charisma/Matt Martin for Kelly Sims
6th 815 Limited Edition/Matt Martin` for Falcon Ridge Stables
7th 688 Philadelphia 54/Christina Webb for Fox View Farm
8th 751 Cimy/Thomas John Russell for Arnoud Dobber

Maria and her rider Ms. Cassandra Heller-Martinez are the winner of this week’s $1,000 Mini Mini Mini Prix.  Way to go!

The Mini Mini Mini Prix Class pinned this way:
1st 493 Maria/Cassandra Heller-Martinez C/C 37.094
2nd 554 Chablis/Alison Maine for Lilly Lane Farm Germantown MD C/C 39.681
3rd 898 Viva’s Roxanna W/Juliet Johansson
4th 868 Cantakerous/Amy Yoder
5th 616 Bella Du Rouet RGS/Nico Gamboa for Jennifer Gamboa
6th 749 VDL Fyndoctro/Shelley Wynn

Bragging rights go to Matt Martin and Lordz, as they won week four’s $5,000 V.E.T. Hunter Challenge and with the competition this was indeed a challenge.

1st 812 Lordz/Matt Martin for Julia Tolkan of Washington DC 86/82 168

2nd 976 Tall Paul/Vick Russell Columbus NC 78/83 161
3rd 719 Gioia/Vick Russell Sue Gibbs Camden SC
4th 825 Mr. Blue Sky/Kallie Schafers
5th 605 Annabella/Staisha Bejarano
6th 871 Belvedere/Carlos Aramburo for Ellen Harrington
7th 604 Bondoctro/Staisha Bejarano
8th 985 Copilot/Matt Martin
9th 693 Ahero/Clair Kellner
10th 921 Sandro/Dr. James Hassinger
11th 870 Unikat/Carlos Aramburo
12th 911 Christophe/Caroline Molther

We have reached the midpoint of the seven weeks of the Venice Equestrian Tour 2017, and I must once again thank all of the exhibitors for the performances they give that are not only enjoyable for the spectators, but a true show of great horsemanship and competition.

We could not do many of the things we do here at Fox Lea without our many fine sponsors and I’d like to give a personal thank you to two of them.  One K Helmets gave a Helmet to the winner of our High Child Adult Classic.  The winner of the class was Nicole Roach riding Conquistador HII.  Also part of our prize givers was Finishline.  There were a number of classes where the winners were given special buckets including the top three of the Grand Prix.

As is customary, the national anthem started out the evening and was sung this week by 12 year-old Ella Schaefer of Sarasota FL, who one day dreams of being a professional singer and working with children.

Mr. Tom Hern of Plymouth MA was the course designer for this week’s jumper ring.  There were three of the seventeen that advanced to the jump-off this week, and the first to negotiate the first round clear was ninth in the order.  Quick Tempo owned and ridden by Rich Cheska of Waukesha WI, and would place 3rd overall when the dust settled.  Rich also placed 4th as our fastest 4 on Alonso Du Monselet. This adds to their collection of ribbons previously won in the Venice Equestrian Tour Grand Prix’s, having placed 3rd, 4th and 6th in previous weeks.

Will Baker riding Belafonte the 17 year-old Dutch horse for Hailey Schuman of Kansas, is a newcomer to Fox Lea and was the second to negotiate the first round clean and would go on to place 2nd. Will and Belafonte have been in the ribbons every time Will has taken the reins.

Our third to go clear in the first round was FVF Sailor Man ridden by Maryann Charles for Fox View Farm (Shirley and John Gaither).   In addition to taking home the blue ribbon, Ms. Charles was also awarded the Boy-O-Boy Style award. This combination also placed 2nd in the Welcome this week and can usually found in the top 5 ribbons in the moneyed classes. Coming off an impressive record recently they were the odds on favorite for the evening.


The Grand Prix was officially recorded as:
1st 687 FVF Sailor Man/Maryann Charles for Fox View Farm C/C 40.415
2nd 464 Belafonte/Will Baker C/C 42.714
3rd 569 Quick Tempo/Rich Cheska of Waukesha WI C/C 43.601
4th 570 Alonso Du Monselet/Rich Cheska 4/75.810
5th 900 Zerro Leone/Martien Van Der Hoeven for Augusta Pines Farm Spring TX
6th 899 Alasca LV Z/Juan Andres Lazzazabal for San Francisco Stables
7th 859 Stitch/Carlos Aramburo for Amy Yoder of Windermere FL
8th 762 Etienne/Bree Rosales for Gail Dady
9th 659 SCS Luigi/Hanley Morrison of Madison MS
10th 688 Philadelphia 54/Christina Webb for Fox View Farm
11th 474 Biscayo/Roberto Daza
12th 488 NaNa Mia/Savannah Nicole Unger

Fox Lea Farm would like to say a big “Thank You” to TizWiz Feeds for presenting this week’s Grand Prix Class.  TizWiz is the official feed and hay supplier of the Tour and originated in Springfield Ohio but have expanded and now have company stores in Ocala/Reddick and Sarasota Florida.  Thank you again to Victoria DeMore Photography for her professional pictures and for allowing us to share them with you.  IDKMediaGroup has been streaming many of the events at Fox Lea and the quality of the coverage has been great.






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