Grand Prix at Fox Lea

From The Tower:

Grand Prix Day

The winner of the Grand Prix during week two at Fox Lea is Cristina Huertematte riding Holala Z (Zangersheide/Netherlands) of Guatemala and continues our international presents of riders. We are drawing some of the FEI/International riders that are bringing fantastic horses to our show here in Venice.

Time Allowed 83/54
Top 6 pinned this way:

1st 352 Tommy Toon/Andrea Randell C/C 68.930
2nd 413 Chamado/Kara Constantakos
3rd 350 Indy Loop/Paige Osborne
4th 417 Upper Crombie
5th 648 Skyfall/Jessica Castillo
6th 314 Sharif/Dominique Gonzalez


Class 606 NAL Jr/AO Jumper Classic (1.30M):

1st 307 Jason Du Boele/Katherine Steenberg
2nd 512 Galyleo/Mandy Killam
3rd 376 Cantor/Elizabeth Craven
4th 647 Snookie/Kristen Bayer
5th 355 Castlebay/Grace Dreyer
6th 494 Bright Lady/Manuel Bancalari


Grand Prix II-2-A (return for jump off):
First 76 j/o’47
Pinning our top ten in the Grand Prix:

1st 285 Holala Z/Cristina Huertematte C/C 40.399
2nd 378 Early Morning/Samantha Senft C/C 42.021
3rd 507 Condor C/Deborah Stephens C/C 46.544
4th 554 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar C/C 46.684
5th 537 Fine Fleur/Hayley Waters C/4 40.262
6th 558 Spitfire-W/Katherine Frame Dewar C/4 40.715
7th 542 AF Karatino/Mauricio Garcia Ballesteros 4/72.711
8th 557 Eliza/Katherine Frame Dewar 8/72.277
9th 536 Qurint/Hayley Waters 8/74.577
10th 294 Varcotique AC/Roberto Daza 8/76.187 1 time



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