“Friday Night Lights” – Venice Equestrian Tour Week II 2016

From Atop the Spiral Staircase at Fox Lea we bring you this review of the “Friday Night Lights” Grand Prix at V.E.T Week Two:12650324_10100744807247498_471474689_n

We had 15 horse/rider combinations show in the second of our series of six in our Fox Lea Farm $25,000 “Friday Night Lights” Grand Prix series here at the new Venice Equestrian Tour. The course designer was Keith Bollotte (R) from North Carolina. The fences were set 1.50m to 1.65m on the high side of the fan jump and everyone had a great view from the pavilion, the bleachers or along the rail. Our judges were Sue Woithe (R) FL, Keith Bollotte (R) NC and Julie Aitken (r) FL as back-up timer and the USEF Steward Mr. Tom Hamilton.

The night started with our leadline class and Ryland June. Mr. June is 3 years old from Orlando FL and was riding Gypse Girl. Blythe Brooks and Abby Biter joined Ryan and Gypse Girl for the presentation of the colors. Both Blyth and Abby are in the 8th grade and are exhibitors here at Fox Lea on a regular basis and train with our friends at Fairwin Farm.

So here is how it all shaped up. We had six make it to the jump-off. The first to do so was the second in the drawn order Coverboy owned by The Coverboy Group, Long Valley NJ ridden by Amanda Flint; and boy did they made it look easy. Our third in the drawn order was the first to make it a horse race. “Bill Clinton” owned by Koyo Investments Group Alpine NJ ridden by David Tromp returned to our Grand Prix this week after. This horse/rider placed 3rd in last weeks Grand Prix “Friday Night Lights”. Seeming to be on a streak our fourth in the drawn order also made the jump-off. Acanto 7 owned and ridden by Kate Mulligan from Frenchtown NJ, who started showing in the Grand Prix just last year. It wasn’t till our twelfth of the night we saw our next to advance. Blue Moon 22 and David Jennings riding for Full Circle Farm and Maise McSwain. This dynamic duo won the Grand Prix last week here at the V.E.T. Then came the thirteenth in the order and would eventually go on to be our winner. Skymiles owned by Loretta Patterson of Omaha Nebraska ridden by Holly Shepherd. They happen to kick-off a shoe in the first round, got it all taken care of and won with a time of 40.940. They were also 2nd in last weeks Grand Prix here at V.E.T. VDL Wittinger also made it to the jump-off owned and ridden by Amanda Flint tonight she also happens to own this mount. Amanda was our busiest rider of the night with three horses in the Prix and two in the jump-off placing 3rd and 4th.

12647696_10100744804373258_567891724_nHere are the official results as recorded:

1st #58 Skymiles/Holly Shepherd C/C 40.940

2nd 518 Blue Moon 22/David Jennings C/C 42.037

3rd 503 Coverboy/Amanda Flint C/C 43.299

4th 502 VDL Wittinger/Amanda Flint C/4 42.098

5th 506 Bill Clinton/David Tromp C/4 49.333

6th 511 Acanto 7 C/8 48.482

7th 501 Superbad/Amanda Flint C/1 time 90.011

8th 508Eliza/Kathy Frame Dewar C/1 time 90.064

9th 507Russell/Kyle Dewar 4/81.241

10th 56 SCS Luigi/Hanley Morrison 4/84.699

11th 509 Gomez Van De Withoeve/Kyle Dewar 4/87.290

12th 504 Cracky Z/Christi Israel 4/87.472


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