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I am a horse show announcer and am always excited about traveling to other shows and Radcliffvenues; willing to go anywhere.  I announce any equestrian discipline, but I do specialize in dressage and hunter/jumpers.  I try to collect as much information on the riders and their horses in advance of the event and often interview sponsors and vendors to see what they have to offer and what products they carry.  I will contact the company liaison and get exactly what they want to be said during the presentations so it is not last minute or unauthorized by a company representative.

I am a very reliable, low maintenance and energetic announcer.  I am self-described as a team player and willing to pitch in whenever and wherever I am needed. My announcing experience includes not only hunter/jumper and dressage, but also western riding, time and games and sport horse sales.  I routinely handle as many as five rings at a time; all while making barn calls and broadcasting notifications from management and sponsors promotions.  I do all of this while posting your show results on Facebook.  I have an unlimited music selection for background purposes and award ceremonies as well as a collection of anthems.  I carry with me the equipment to play music from MP3’s, CD’s, and any source with a mini-jack.

I am familiar with all types of sound systems and can troubleshoot any audio problem that might arise.  I can supplement a basic sound system with my own equipment or provide one if there is none in place.

I always carry 2 computers with me that have cell cards that allow me track the local weather  or for added interest,  share breaking stories from the equestrian world in the morning depending on timing and appropriateness.

My wife Julie has her USEF ‘r’ rated jumper license and is available to you for an additional fee if you want us as a “package deal” or alone if you prefer.   She has been judging jumpers since 2009 and has full understanding and knowledge of programing and operating timing equipment and keeping scorecards.  Julie is up to date on all USEF rules for Show Jumping.

If you are doing a charity show, we always give consideration to a cause.

If you have any questions please contact me via email or directly by phone 954.790.4852


2 comments for “Horse Show Services

  1. September 13, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Hello. I am interested in learning more about your services, rates, availability and location. We host horse shows which benefit local families in need. Our shows began on this farm, 4th generation, in 1956. At that time the show benefitted the local hospital. All our shows are unrated but are run with 100% rated quality. We also enlist the support of many volunteers.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • September 25, 2016 at 11:53 am

      Good Afternoon Joy,
      My assistant will be responding shortly to your request for information and I thank you for your interest!

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