I don’t get paid to work. I get paid to travel……

I think most horse people…well those that show anyway, are much like myself. I don’t get paid to work. I get paid to travel. I do my “work” because I love it.

I don’t like to travel. I mean the hassle of the airports, TSA alone is always an experience. “Sorry sir. We will need to check your bag”. I’d hope so. There are enough wires and electronic thing-ies you better make sure my microphone is not a bomb…again… the same joke you told me last week (now because I posted this I’m sure I’ll have a personal consult when flying to the USHJA meeting)

And then there are the clowns at the car rental agency on the other end. You booked a car right. You know you are not gonna get that car but you’d hope to get something similar. Nope! “But it was confirmed” I say. “Sorry sir. We just don’t have it, but for $45 more a day we can put you in the luxury car”. Just give me the compact and know I’m gonna drive the tires off the go cart. (Have I mentioned I’m 6’5″ yet).

Hotel…yea!! I get to go unload all my gumph before I go find a place to swallow some carbs. Clerk:”Oh sorry sir. We aren’t pet friendly”. Me: “Funny how right here on your website it says you are”. Clerk:”You are in a non-smoking room?.” Me: “Yea that’s what I asked for and a king size bed” Clerk: “yea about that…”. Me: “just give me a damn key”. Clerk: no reason to get hostile”. Me: “it’s 11:30 at night I’ve been traveling since 5:30 am today, you gave my room away and I haven’t eaten yet. I start working the show tomorrow at 7:am which means I’ve got to be up at 4:00..and you expect me not to be hostile. Right” Clerk: “is a handicap room okay?” Me: “give me a key”. I get to the room and someone is already in the room. Surprise!!!

Back to the front desk. Me, my dog and the man who is now wrapped in a silk bathrobe fighting to keep his gut in…but otherwise neked as jay bird wondering what the hell I am doing in his room!!

Needless to say the clerk is apologetic…bathrobe fighting bubba is simply appalled and now I just want a double Captain and Diet and a plate of bacon.

Clerk finally decides the only room he has is a suite and he has no choice but to put me in it. After all I am awards member.

Now it’s 12:15 and the only place in the area to eat is the awful-house which is fine because they have BACON.

So I get in my sub-compact go-cart rental and head to the awful-house by the interstate. Yea!! There is crime tape and what I can only imagine is half of the entire state Police set up in the parking lot. But that’s ok. They are open and serving food!!’ YEA!!!

Breakfast at the hotel…a few hours later. Of course there is none because the staff don’t arrive till 6:am. The same clerk is still there and refuses to acknowledge me.

Time to get to the horse show with a smile, a ‘good morning and hello’ for everyone. Scope out the show ground for anything eatable and get myself situated in the announcers booth.

This is a true account of just one of my experiences as a horse show announcer.

Like I said. I get paid to travel…not work. I wouldn’t do anything else.



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