January 2015 Ellen Scofield

2015’s First Featured Rider!


Ellen Scofield aka Ellie
Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Ellie started her horse career riding at age 6 on “Caprice”, but the first horse she owned was “Heather”.  She began as a hunter and did a bit of eventing, but considered dressage a form of punishment placed upon her by her trainers.  As a teenager she worked at a barn with a trainer that had a negative disposition.   The trainer told her parents that Ellie would “never make it or last in the horse business”.  However, because of Ellie’s work hard ethos and a desire to continuously learn, she earned her USDF Bronze in 2001 and her Silver in 2007 on horses she trained herself.  Ellie is proud to show non traditional horses in Wellington and has won a National Championship in a class with over 70 horses.
She and her husband Ken run Galloway Farms in Parkland Florida.  You can find Ellie on any given day riding and training no less than 5 horses, and giving up to 8 lessons. She considers herself an equal opportunity dressage trainer that rides Warmbloods, Arabians, Friesians and many other breeds.  She grew up riding thoroughbreds and misses having one on the farm.
Classic rock and a good lychee mojito are a couple of things that Ellie enjoys, and admits a potato in any form is her favorite food.
Her latest adventure is the new ownership of Spectrum Saddle Shop.  Not bad for a teenager who wasn’t going to make it in the horse world… and that negative trainer who knew so much, now sells real estate.  As Ellie says… “my how things have changed”.


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