“Jumping Under The Stars” – Venice Equestrian Tour Week III 2016

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:
Week three of the Venice Equestrian Tour “Jumping under the Stars” Grand Prix

Folks…when you love what you do…it’s not really work. We are just about at the half way mark here at the V.E.T. 2016 and working with some really great people that love this sport as much as I do. Could not be more proud  to be associated with this group and all involved!

Emma HechtmanWith week 3 of 6 here at the Venice Equestrian Tour really hitting full stride now the Grand Prix “Under the Stars” last night was simply amazing.  We had 21 in the drawn order for the first round.  The “First Horse” on course last night is up and coming Grand Prix rider Emma Hechtman riding with our friends at Kingsmeade, and a regular here at Fox Lea Farm.  Emma was riding Chips Ahoy aka “Chippy” and were out to present the flag for the national anthem. Allison Marie Scott, a senior from the Sarasota Military sang our anthem to get things started.

The first to negotiate the first round of the Grand Prix fault free was Amanda Flint riding her own VDL Wittinger.  Amanda and Wittinger were 4th in the “Friday Night Lights” last week and were looking to improve on that.  It wasn’t till our eleventh in the order that we saw our second to go clear and that was Kristen Vanderveen riding Bull Run’s Holy Smoke.  Then it became a who’s who in the first round.  Patty Stovel on her own horse Carigor Z, Laura Linback riding Whittaker MVNZ owned by Woodrun Farm, Tracy Fenney riding MTM Reve Du Paradis, and Christi Israel riding her Clouseau.   Amanda Flint came back with her second ride  to make the second round riding Coverboy and then Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Testify made it to the jump off as well.  So all told,  7 of 21 made the big show.  Our course designer Tom Hern set a challenging course here and it only got tougher in the jump-off.

It became a tale of the timers for our top 3 horses and the class was eventually won by the Selle Francais MTM Reve Du Paradis ridden by Tracy Fenney for MTM Farm, Flower Mound TX.  They took a few risks with some great turns but it paid off  for them.  Bull Run’s Holy Smokes and Kristen Vanderveen were just off the time and came second.  Our third place finish was double clear but in the end got caught by the clock and put up 2 time faults for Bull Run’s Testify and Kristen Vanderveen.  Congratulations to this weeks winner of the Kastel Denmark Style Award is Tracy Fenney.

T/A in first was 92 in the first and jump-0ff T/A was 46.

The results as recorded:

  1st 549 MTM Reve Du Paradis/Tracy Fenney C/C 37.620                                                                                                         Under the Stars wk3

2nd569 Bull Run’s Holy Smokes/Kristen Vanderveen C/C 40.961

3rd 568 Bull Run’s Testify/Kristen Vanderveen C/C 47.995 2 time

4th 535 Whittaker MVNZ/Laura Linback C/4-39.822

5th 553 Coverboy/Amanda Flint C/4-42.231

6th 562 Clouseau/Christi Israel C/8-41.893

7th 552 VDL Wittinger/Amanda Flint C/8-43.108

8th 530 AF Karatino/Mauricio Garcia Ballesteros 4/90.637

9th 531 Eliza/Katheryn Frame Dewar 4/90.758

10th 567 Bonita/Kristen Vanderveen 4/91.300

11th 550 S&L Elite/Dorothy Douglas 4/91.613

12th 575 Carigor Z/Patricia Stovel 4/95.537


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