“Jumping Under the Stars” – Venice Equestrian Tour Week IV 2016

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:
Week IV Welcome a Venice Equestrian Tour Week IV
$25,000 Fox Lea Farm Grand Prix

The evening started with our pre-show and all the Horseless Horse Show exhibitors as they entered the ring in an infinity pattern before coming front and center to present the Stars and Bars for our opening ceremony. Fox Lea Farm welcomed Ms. Brandi Bridges to sing the national anthem. Brandi is a senior attending the Sarasota Military Academy with plans toFB_IMG_1455985486707 attend Keiser University to become an occupational therapy assistant specializing in pediatrics.
This was a very talented field and packed with some of the best veteran riders on amazingly skilled, up and coming young horses that U.S. Show Jumping offers. Whoever was going to win it had some tough competition. We had five horses advance to the jump off after eighteen made the first attempt. The first to show us the way clear and negotiate the initial round fault free was Mackenzie McGehee and her own mount Fiona Van’t Paradijs. This duo was also the winner of the Welcome Stakes and would eventually end up 4th in the Prix “Under the Stars”.
Second to make the jump off and make it a horse race was KM Corfina owned by KM Farms and ridden by none other than David Jennings.
Our third horse clear in the first round of the Prix would eventually go on to be our class winner. “Bill Clinton” owned by Koyo Investments, Alpine NJ and ridden by David Tromp of Saugerties NY. They have been near the top in two other Grand Prix’s here at the V.E.T 2016 and this time put the package together for the win. Standing at 18.1 hh this Dutch Warmblood is simply pleasing to the eye… and is certainly one to watch his career as he is youngster (10 years old) and has lots more to prove.  Our congratulations to Amanda Flint for winning this weeks Kastel Denmark Style Award.

1st 584 Bill Clinton/David Tromp/Koyo Investments C/C 40.901 FB_IMG_1455985530633
2nd 688 Coverboy/Amanda Flint/The Coverboy Group C/C 41.465
3rd 677 KM Corfina/David Jennings/KM Farms C/C 41.713
4th 94 Fiona Van’t Paradijs/Mackenzie McGehee C/4 41.183
5th 680 Carigor Z/Patricia Stovel C/4 41.805
6th 682 Precious Metal 3E/Amanda Hart fastest 4/75.168
7th 188 Mimmo T.Z./Sherry Hill 4/81.043
8th 632 Creed/Vick Russell/Helen Landon Terranova
9th 676 Black Diamond/Kris Killam/Mandy Killam
10th 678 Blue Moon 22/David Jennings
11th 660 Full A’s/Allesandro Di Bartolomeo
12th 687 Destiny Van De Noordheuvel/Amanda Flint


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