“Jumping Under the Stars” – Venice Equestrian Tour Week V 2016

From Atop the Spiral Staircase: week v

Week V of the Venice Equestrian Tour

$25,000 Fox Lea Farm Grand Prix

The evening started with a great reception sponsored by Glenn Ridge Farm of Clarksburg MD, one of our major East Coast show barns, owned by head trainer Ben Guanciale, his wife Dana, and their daughter Keri. Ben and Keri have been among the top in many classes in both the hunter and jumper rings all tour long.

Our first class of the evening was the Leadline Class. Two of our future Grand Prix riders made their presence known last night; Winston Filipowski and Hunter Vandenhouten, were showing in front of a great crowd…I think it was our biggest yet. The bleachers were packed even though it was a bit cold. It was great to see our Horseless Horse Show exhibitors present the Stars and Bars for our opening ceremony. Fox Lea Farm welcomed Ms. Alexandria Hostetler, a senior attending the Sarasota Military Academy, to sing the national anthem,

With 21 horse/rider combinations we had a great field of riders from near and far…Canada to Bolivia; from Coast to Coast and all parts in between. We had some fresh blood join us here at Fox Lea “Under the Stars” as well as some great friends that have been here time and time again. Out of 21 who started our course designed by Ron Beachy (R Kentucky) we had 7 advance to the jump off. Once again in an Olympic sport where the girls and boys compete against each other, when it was all said and done Laura Linback and Big Smile were the second to jump off and had to watch the 5 other first round clears take their chances at catching her, but it was not to happen this time. Congratulations to this weeks winner of the Kastel Denmark Style Award, Laura Linback.
The class was recorded this way:

1st 429 Big Smile/Laura Linback/Woodrun Farm LLC C/C 26.523
2nd 427 MTM Ace of Spades/Brian Moggre/Major Wager LLC C/C 27.867
3rd 426 Caillou/Kirk Webby/Seth Vallhonrat C/C 28.617
4th 584 Bill Clinton/David Tromp Koyo Investments C/C 29.534
5th 431 Carigor Z/Patricia Stovel C/4 28.461                                           week 5 group
6th 425 S & L Elite/Dorothy Douglas C/4/29.981
7th 428 MTM Flutterby/Brian Moggre C/4 35.076
8th 696 Iron Man/Jennifer Sarsfield 4/73.888 Fastest 4 faulter
9th 430 Dauphin/Laura Linback 4/77.572
10th 418 Beleine/Allen T. Nabors/Stefanie Cutshall 4/77.584
11th 700 Clouseau/Christi Israel 4/77.830
12th 423 Gigolo John/Kirk Webby 4/79.669


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