June 2016 Featured Rider Mary Eufemia

June’s Featured Rider


Mary Eufemia

She started life in a town 28 miles west of Chicago in Illinois’s fifth largest city called Naperville, and at the ripe old age of 8 got her first ride on a horse named King Arthur.  Who is she? She is Mary Eufemia.  Mary grew up fox hunting as a child and as many siblings have to, she and her older sister Karen had to share their first horse Captain’s Pride.  With a laugh Mary recalls that sharing sometimes meant she rode for 5 minutes while Karen rode for 20 minutes.  She contributes her riding abilities to a little “God given talent” and her tough but brilliant childhood trainer Ned Long, that Mary describes as someone that wasn’t one to hand out compliments, but you always knew when you had done well.  Some of Mary’s proudest accomplishments are being the Champion of the country in the 1st year Green division, and overall Green Working Champion in 1993, as well as training Jenn Adams to the 2008 Horse of the Year on her horse Bling Bling in the younger Amateur division, Mary was also Champion of the Country again in the 2nd year Greens with Paula Pells horse Unbelievable in 2009.  Mary and her husband Kevin have been running Ravenwood, a 30 acre farm in Palm Harbor for 35 years and at the end of the day, Kevin remains her “go to guy” stating they make a great team and believes he is an accomplished horseman. Mary hates trot jumps but is utilizing advice from her friend Richard Watson as she believes he is the ultimate horseman. Mary keeps busy raising Glitz and Glitter, her two year old fillies by Red Wine, and in January earned her “R” in hunters and equitation.  One day Mary may actually take up the golf lessons she has always wanted, but for now she is happy giving lessons to her clients and enjoys spending time with her colt Carson, an up and coming horse that will be starting in the greens this year.  So make sure the next time you stop by the barn for a visit, you bring pizza and cold beer, and perhaps you might just get to hear Mary sing some Moody Blues.


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