May 2015 Stephany Fish

May’s Featured Rider

Stephany Fish

Originally from Bangor Maine,Stephany currently resides in Jupiter Florida. She describes herself as an enthusiastic person that may appear confident, but frequently second guesses herself in an effort to prevent mistakes.  She has a gift for reading horses that she believes allows them to trust her sooner and instill confidence in them. Her greatest strength is that she doesn’t give up and this trait has taken her down some very interesting paths with several different horses, but she trusts that no matter how bad it might be, never give up and the reward will come..
Stephany started riding originally on the state fair ponies around 6, but got her first horse at 12, a little Shetland pony named Beauregarde (Beau) that kicked her full on in the chest.  A secret she kept to herself afraid that if someone knew she wouldn’t be allowed to take her lesson.  Stephany began English lessons around age 10 and in her tween years had a trainer she considers “amazing” that forced her to take responsibility for her own riding and not blame everything on everyone else, but as she wasn’t always mounted on the best of horse (think free OTTB) and funding prevented the purchase of a “better” horse, Stephany tried her hand at Eventing.  However, at her first recognized event, Stephany had a big scare and later decided that dressage and its cerebral side was a better fit for her.  Occasionally she will still jump if there is no one looking.
Stephany has many things to be proud of, but at age 31 she made a life changing decision and moved to Germany for 9 months. When she left Germany, she was given Rocky (Raccoon) as he had never shown past 3rd level equivalent and was considered “washed up”, however, she has helped him reach a greater potential and has shown him through Intermediare I.
Stephany leases a beautiful farm in Caloosa and  has named her business “Serendipity Dressage“, and her motto is “Where good training doesn’t happen by chance”.   On an average day she gives 3 or 4 lessons and has 2 students she is especially proud of, Michele Russel and Amy Chait.  Stephany works with Michele and her Lusitano Urussui Interago once a month and sees Michele as an inspiration.  She just broke into Second Level, works very hard on her won and is an excellent horse person, Michele also happens to be a full time business owner and a grand mommy, but never uses those things as a reason to give less than 100% in her riding.  Amy is a full time mom to 4 active children, and she previously belonged to the Hunter world but has embraced the world of Dressage.  Currently Stephany owns 2 horses, her a 25yr old retired FEI horse Raccoon aka The Rockstar, and her new competition horse Ehrensache WHF, known as Sache around the barn, who competed at the Global Dressage Festival in late March. She works with Heather Blitz and enjoys taking clinics with Mary Wanless 3 to 4 times a year.  Stephany hopes to write a book one day, but has already had a few things published, she loves popcorn and makes an apple pie moonshine guaranteed not to give you a hangover.  In her free time you will find covered in dirt and loving it as she goes mudding with her boyfriend Dave.


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