May 2016 Featured Rider Vincent Ashley

May’s Featured Rider 

Vincent 2

Vincent Ashley

Originally from a little town called 96 South Carolina, Vincent began his riding career at 8 on a Tennessee Walking Horse named Classy.  Within a short while he owned his own ottb named Midnight, and at 15, learned the hard way when he decided to gallop with friends how to “drop and roll” after his horse headed back to the barn without him.  He had a good laugh with his friends about the experience and today considers himself a true Pisces, humble and intuitive, and utilizes these skills with Roy Colwell, where they own and operate RJC Equestrian Center and together they board and train every type of horse.  Diana Christianson, his late instructor, used to help Vincent set goals and achieve them, but these days utilizes the confidence Roy has in him to help him move forward and work toward his Silver medal.  A former hunter/jumper, Vincent loved the adrenaline rush associated with jumping, but today enjoys taking traditional trained horses in western dressage to show dressage and earning ribbons no one expected of them.  He considers this one of his biggest achievements as this training and the experience in classical has proven that they can do both.  The joy of riding, the accomplishments and hurdles overcome while showing and just getting out there drive him to keep going on the path he has chosen.  Vincent loves to listen to Adele or a little Aerosmith and if given the chance he would like to sit and chat with Edward Gal as he is one of the best riders he has ever seen.  Today he and Roy call Sarasota home and while you may find him enjoying a glass of Pinot and a few peanut butter cups, his eye is always on the next goal, and with Roy as his “eyes on the ground” Vincent is driven and knows that his patience is something he needs to work on to ensure he continues being a well-balanced rider, a trainer of all breeds, all while having happy horses and running a small business with his biggest fan and partner Roy Colwell.

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