National Hunter Derby – Camp Fox Lea 2016 Week 3

From The Tower

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase:
$2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby

We congratulate Kyle Dewar on his second National Derby win at Camp Fox Lea. Todays win was on Flower, who is co-owned by Kyle & Kathy Dewar and David Artos.

Kyle also came in 2nd on Dakota, who won the Derby in week 1 and placed 3rd in week 2 here at Camp. In 3rd place was Cymplify owned and ridden by Hasbrouck Donovan (Gainesville FL) who happens to be a client of Mr. Dewar. Congratulations to Kyle and the team from Ocala, as well as all of the other very talented riders.

1st 423 Flower/Kyle Dewar 85/86 171                                       Kyle derby wk 3 2
2nd 327 Dakota/Kyle Dewar 86/83 169
3rd 430 Cymplify/Hasbrouck Donovan 87/79 166
4th 155 Ausone/Kelsey Donahoe
5th 340 Quintos Z/Samantha Shinn
6th 162 22 Stitches/Terra Clifton
7th 459 Cordiacado/Jack Lube
8th 363 Magic Cruise/Savannah Nicole Unger
9th 508 Don Valentino/Lydia Rifkind
10th 161 Masterpiece/Paige Moose
11th 517 Bittersweet Symphony/Mackensie Bowles
12th 118 Hammer Down/Chrissie Catto


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