Fox Lea Farm Venice Equestrian Tour 2018 week VI in review

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase at Fox Lea Farm:
Week 6 in review:

For those of us who have been here the entire Tour, I have gotten to know a few of you better. We’ve met a few new people along the way too and had many new faces this week. I always try to welcome the new riders as they come in, but of course I miss a few. So, if I missed you, I apologize. As the “voice” of the show I am rarely down on the ground and don’t get to put a name to a face unless you come up top. This year we had a great exhibitor party at the Venice Yacht Club and I made it a point meet a few of you I recognized, even without the helmets, britches, and boots. You’d be surprised how hard that is sometimes, especially when you really don’t know hairstyles. It seems everyone is wearing a One-K helmet or otherwise has “hat hair”..and when we all get cleaned-up…it’s just difficult. As they say, on with the show.

The Welcome was a great start to the week with the courses designed by our very own Doug Russell. Winner of the Welcome was none other than Seasoned owned by Showcase Limited of Canton Ga and ridden by Richard Rinehart of Carmel Indiana. There are several Rinehart’s here and it seems they’ve made it a family affair with Richard, Catherine, Elizabeth and Luke having all received ribbons!


$7,500 Welcome

1st Seasoned/Richard Rinehart C/C 29.556
2nd FVF Sailor Man/Maryann Charles C/C 30.927
3rd Hip Living/Gustavo Prato C/C 32.618
4th Shining De Reve/Thomas John Russell C/C 3 3.611
5th Quontine De La Roque/Clayton Russell C/4 31.457
6th Any/Thomas John Russell C/4 32.028
7th Coteus/Gustavo Prato 4/67.499
8th Gigolo John/Allen Nabors
9th Judge Not/Bill Worthington
10th Cord 11/Giraldo Abreu


$25,000 Fox Lea Farm Grand Prix

I’ve said it before that I once read an article where the writer, Alan Korotkin, said it best: “There is no such thing as an easy Grand Prix”. It was a close finish between our top two in the 6th Grand Prix of the 2018 VET Tour. Congratulations are in order for the young horse Luminous owned by Rolling Acres of Brookville MD and Marylisa Leffler!!!

Class 910 $25,000 Grand Prix was officially recorded as:

1st Luminous/Marylisa Leffler           C/C 40.150
2nd FVF Sailor Man/Maryann Charles  C/C 40.348
3rd Shining De Reve/Thomas John Russell C/C 41.256
4th Dalianta M/Marylisa Leffler             C/4 46.154
5th Any/Thomas John Russell
6th Clouseau/Christi Israel
7th Cord 11/Giraldo Abreu
8th Coteus/Gustavo Prato
9th Mimmo T.Z./Brian Murphy
10th Finisterra/Gustavo Prato
11th Seasoned/Richard Rinehart
12th Hip Living/Gustavo Prato


$7,500 1.25 Jumper Prix

It was a repeat performance for Richard Rinehart and Seasoned this week winning both the Welcome and the 1.25 class. The Jumper Prix class was 22 deep this week and Seasoned handily won the class.




The card was officially recorded as:

1st Seasoned/Richard Rinehart C/C 36.074
2nd Lyons Creek Dragon Bleu/JF Gagne C/C 38.090
3rd Bon Chatsworth Pierre/Allan Nabors C/C 38.433 4th Lalainy/Christina Webb C/C 38.645
5th Garda/Laura Gaither C/C 42.879
6th Ragnar/Thomas John Russell C/4 34.893
7th Ragazzo/Allen Nabors
8th Melleficent/Clayton Russell
9th Ninetwofive/Stephanie Angus
10th Philadelphia 54/Christina Webb


The Veredus Mini Mini Prix was another well attended class this week. Mr. Reddit owned by Brian Murphy and ridden by Tracey Corey would take home top honors. Tracey is a very skilled rider on a fantastic horse, which is evident in the time posted in the jump off.

$1,000 Veredus Mini Mini Prix II.2.b 950
0.95M Jumper

1st Mr. Reddit/Tracey Corey C/C 45.025
2nd Chablis/Alison Maine C/C 49.951
3rd Tiger Lily/Emily Rapchak C/4 40.782
4th O’Danny Boy/Laura Shinn
5th Cherubino/Kelly Ford
6th Victoria VII/Lily Hahn
7th Cupid Shuffle/John Angus
8th Poseidon HM/Lynn Burnett


The Hunter Challenge was once again top competition this week. Winning is definitely a family thing because it was Catherine Rinehart and Captivate taking top honors in the Challenge.

$5,000 VET Hunter Challenge

1st Captivate/Catherine Rinehart                   
2nd Tall Paul/Vick Russell
3rd Surfs Up/Cindy Schmidt
4th Gadget/Staisha Bejarano
5th Fernhill Starboy/Lauren Miller
6th Gala/Catherine Rinehart
7th Wish/Madeline Reich
8th Francesca/Grace Lyons
9th El Rapido/Emily Yaghdjian
10th Hudson/Kristen Cox
11th Conel Z/Staisha Bejarano
12th Li-Loop/Savannah Peterson


Pony Classic riders are the super stars of tomorrow and I would like to congratulate our Pony Classic winner, Clayton Farrell and his pony Best of the Best for the win.

Our top 3 were:

1st Best of the Best/Clayton Farrell
2nd 269 Wen I’m Ten/Kyleigh Whitwell
3rd 658 Somermist Jailhouse Rock/Jole Kosloske




There have been a number of fantastic rides and along the way a bobble here and there. With one week remaining in the Tour, I’m compiling a list of people who did a fantastic job but might not have won a class. It’s not always about winning. Sure it’s nice, but the sportsmanship and the camaraderie of show jumping and hunters is very much alive and well at Fox Lea Farm. The love of the horse is what binds us together in the claps and the “whoop whoops” we give for each other ringside, week after week and blue ribbon or bruised ego while brushing sand off our backsides.

From the pavilion,



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