Fox Lea Farm Venice Equestrian Tour 2018 week II in review

From The Tower

From Atop the Spiral Staircase at Fox Lea Farm:
Week 2 in review

The weather this week was fantastic which lead to a wonderful show week at Fox Lea.  I don’t typically make predictions as horses will prove you wrong time & time again, but this week was an exception. There were a few competitors that I thought were going to win certain classes, and was truly impressed by a horse and rider combination I had never seen before. El Niño owned by EquiAgrix Stables of Bogotá and rider Baer Nikolaas Hendrix Wilcox who rides for Columbia, hit Venice like a hurricane.   With an amazing amount of scope, this horse is very adjustable between the fences. I just knew this pair were a shoe in to win the Grand Prix after their win in the $5,000 Welcome class this week. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s just say WOW!

The class was officially recorded as:
1st El Nino/Baer Nikolaas Hendrix C/C 32.850
2nd Galileo/Roberto Teran C/C 37.890
3rd Coteus/Gustavo Prato C/4 31.278
4th J’Adore Rf/Lincoln Russell C/4 33.917
5th Finisterra/Grustavo Prato 4/68.182
6th Lamondale Bisou/Kallie Schafers 4/69.384
7th Ebonit/Collin Reynolds 4/69.687
8th Wanted K/Kali Barnes 4/72.191

A special shout out to Ella Schaefer as she returns once again to start the evening with the anthem. As you may remember from last weeks review Ella is the lead vocalist for “Let’s Rock Sarasota”.

We had 19 to tackle the first round of the Grand and what a show it was!

We welcomed back David Jennings, Dorothy Douglas and Brian Moggre as well as a few new faces including Marion Head of Brownsboro Alabama who made her Grand Prix debut at Fox Lea and did so in style placing 5th riding Carjo Z owned by Scott Head. Welcome winner Baer Nicolaas Hendrix who would be the first to go clear in the first round from a total of nine that would return for the jump-off.

The order of go certainly has its pros and cons. Some feel the relief of knowing they rode their best and enjoy watching others try to catch them, some prefer the late ride to see the best way to dominate the course. It’s a very personal preference although I think the advantage goes to the late riders…but it is all fair play as it is a drawn order.

3rd place was won by El Nino and Baer Nikolaas Hendrix and he also placed 4th on Intro Van’t Nederhof.

Now hold onto your hats because we’ve seen Brian Moggre before at Fox Lea…I think the first time he was showing in his first Grand Prix…maybe his second…at the tender age of 14.  Now at 16 he placed 2nd.  against some very strong & seasoned  competition.  Brian is no Johnny come lately to the game either, as recently he was in the money at the $15,000 USEF U25 Championship at the National Show in Kentucky.

At 16 years old, Brian is already showing in international competition with 13 starts and 2 wins.  Also showing in the 2017 Continental Regional Championships in Saugerties New York, where the team won the gold medal & Brian was riding Condero 3.  He not only placed 2nd at Fox Lea riding  MTM Vivre Le Reve, a beautiful 8 yr old black Westphalian gelding owned by Major Wagner LLC of Flower Mound Texas, but he also placed 11th on Condero 3.  This is a great horse and rider combination with a huge career in from of them.

However, the big winner of the Grand Prix evening, coming in only 0.202 of a second faster than our second place winner was Hector Florentino and Heliante Ter Wilgen for Marion Head. Mr. Florentino rides in international competition for the Dominica Republic and has 46 starts in International Competition. Heliante is sired by the famous stallion Chin Chin.

Marion Head, owner of the Grand Prix horse Heliante Ter Wilgen, happened to place 5th riding Carjo Z.

This was pretty much as close of a competition as I have ever seen between 1st and 2nd. Certainly one of my top 5 favorites ever at Fox Lea.

The class was officially recorded as:
1st Heliante Ter Wilgen/Hector Florentino C/C 35.358           
2nd MTM Vivre Le Reve/Brian Moggre C/C 35.560
3rd El Nino/Baer Nikolaas Hendrix C/C 39.802
4th Intro Van’t Nederhof/Baer Nikolaas Hendrix C/C 40.625
5th Carjo Z/Marion Head C/C 40.648
6th Carmina/David Jennings C/4 39.231
7th F Zermie 5/Allen Nabors C/4 39.525
8th Shining De Reve/Thomas John Russell C/8
9th Mimmo T.Z./Brian Murphy C/8
10th Finisterra/Grustavo Prato 4/74.799
11th Condero 3/Brian Moggre 4/77.708
12th Cracky Z/Christi Israel 4/78.352

From the performance of the horse and rider, allow me to change gears a bit to recognize the outstanding equitation riders, where it is all about the rider.

WIHS & NHS Medal winner Darby Madden.


The A.S.P.C.A Maclay winner this week was Lauren Miller.
Anna Mead took home the Dover Hunt Seat Medal.
Ms Darby Madden continues her winning streak by capturing the WIHS and the NHS Medal!  Great job to all of you and I look forward to what you do next!


In the NAL it was the Amateur owner Sharron Brown schooling the class on how its done. Eye Catcher is an 11 year old Swedish Warmblood sired by Cathageno. Ms. Brown has a long history at Fox Lea and has won or placed many classes with Eye Catcher.
$1,500 NAL Low A/O Jr Jmp 1.25M
1st Eye Catcher/Sharron Brown
2nd Belle Nuit/Isabel Ernst
3rd Effect Van Den Bisschop/Molly Wolfe
4th Casseur/Lauren Miller
5th Archer/Molly Wolfe


The ladies from Georgia have come back to Fox Lea again. Scout Davis and Zahir & Riley Baker riding Alfa Yaso were hot here last year and continue to win or place in every class they enter.

$750 Low Ch/Ad Jmp Classic 1.00M Jmp
1st   Zahir/Scout Davis
2nd  Epic/Lara Fier
3rd   Do It/Bill Mcmillan
4th   Aloys ST/Anna Mead
5th  Batman/Bethany Burns*
6th   Alfa Yaso/Riley Baker

As if the Grand Prix and Welcome classes were not exciting enough!!! With 22 in the 1.25M Jumper Prix class the excitement in the daytime and the caliber of horses and the skills of the rider is just as impressive. This is the first time we’ve see a few of theses riders too. Welcome to Fox Lea, Samantha Chody and William (Bill, Billy, the score board guy) Worthington.

The top 10 made the jump off and were officially recorded as:

$7,500 1.25M Jumper Prix class
1st  Jeffe/Gustavo Prato C/C 38.372
2nd Dafina/Gustavo Prato C/C 38.422
3rd  Lamondale Bisou/Kallie Schafers C/C 39.791
4th  Dessi V/Allen Nabors C/C 40.951
5th  Utopie De La Vigne/Vick Russell C/C 42.929
6th  Arnac Du Mazes/Roberto Teran C/C 44.600
7th  Ragnar/Samantha Chody C/C 2time 48.034
8th  Belle Nuit/Isabel Ernst C/4 37.625
9th  Judge Not/Bill Worthington C/4 38.573
10th Wanted K/Kali Barnes C/8 44.234

In the Veredus Mini Mini Prix we are always seeing tomorrow’s stars in the making. All of these riders are improving leap and bounds.       

$1,000 Veredus Mini Mini Prix
1st Mr. Reddit/Tracey Corey C/C 33.982
2nd Colorado/Dayna Scott C/C 34.395
3rd Chablis/Alison Maine C/C 46.176
4th Alfa Yaso/Riley Baker 4/58.232
5th O’Danny Boy/Laura Shinn 4/59.822
6th Matrix Z/Juliette Richmagui 4/60.289

Clair Kellner does it again in the $5,000 VET Hunter Challenge!!

This is another class I thought I knew who would win. Again horses…although this time I was only half wrong. If you are going to win in the Challenge at Fox Lea you have got to bring you’re A game to every stride. If you let down your guard even for a moment, chances are you’ve let your horse down. Ms. Kellner understands this and is one of the most successful riders in the Fox Lea hunter ring history. What is evident by watching her ride is she gets everything out of every horse she rides, every trip.

Clair Kellner and the Kingsmeade horses continue to dominate the hunter ring. Placing 1st and 2nd for the second week in a row!!! This week it was Snowland owned by Kristen Price of Tampa in the winner’s circle. 2nd place winner Gold Fever is owned by Laura & Hannah Kleinman of Tampa FL.

$5,000 VET Hunter Challenge
The class was officially recorded:
1st Snowland/Clair Kellner                              
2nd Gold Fever/Clair Kellner
3rd Endless Joy/Jessica Cross
4th Gowran Castle/Clair Kellner
5th My Soulmate/Kallie Schafers
6th Cartiano/James Hassinger
7th Remington/Clair Kellner
8th Zico/Laurie Birnbach
9th Latigo/Kathryn Griswold
10th Sandro/James Hassinger
11th Ferhill Starboy/Lauren Miller
12th HMS Chandler/Gabriella Solamon

I would like to send a very special thank you to our new official photographer for all the hard work!!!. They are getting some amazing shots and creative at that!! Thanks Julia Borysewicz and her crew at JXB for the fantastic media shots! So glad you are part of the Fox Lea team.


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