Welcome Stakes – Venice Equestrian Tour 1 – 2016

From Atop the Spiral Staircase at Fox Lea Farm:
The First Welcome Stakes is in the history books here at the Fox Lea Farm at the Venice Equestrian Tour 1 (2016). It’s always a great thing when a student beats a coach and in a sport where the ladies can beat the gentlemen.
The first to go clear was David Tromp riding his beautiful grey mount “Bill Clinton” (Koyo Investments Group) but he was to eventually to come 3rd. He showed a great inside turn in the jump-off and put up a double clear time of 37.726. The next horse/rider combination to go double clear was Holly Shepherd riding Skymiles (Loretta Patterson). Their time was 37.131 they took the same inside track as David and “Bill” including the inside turn and came 2nd. The 1st Place and third to go double clear was Hanley Morrison and her own mount SCS Luigi…they took the long tour around and still came out ahead with a jump-off time of 37.046 beating her coach Holly, proving the shorter distance is not always the fastest. Holly had a chance to win it all riding Triompf but had an unfortunate stop in the jump-off but still came 4th as only four horse/rider combinations made the second round of our course designed by Dean Battaglia.
Here is the results of the top 6 here at the Welcome:
1st SCS Luigi/Hanley Morrison C/C 37.046
2nd Skymiles/Holly Shepherd C/C 37.131
3rd 251 Bill Clinton/David Tromp C/C 37.726
4th 57 Triompf/Holly Shepherd C/4 47.+
5th 250 Destiney van de Noordheuvel/Kris Killam 4/71.874 fastest 4 faulter
6th 217 Val D’ Isere/Diego Muyshondt


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