Welcome Stakes Venice Equestrian Tour Week IV – 2016

From Atop the Tower
Class 604 the $5,000 Fox Lea Farm Welcome Stakes report:
FB_IMG_1455985734749After seeing the first 2 come in and have issues at different fences with the course designed by Scott Alder it was nice to see the third in the order, Mackenzie McGehee go clear in the Welcome riding her own Fiona Van’t Paradijs and the only one to advance to the jump-off.
$5,000 Welcome Stakes
Results as recorded:
1st 94 Fiona Van’t Paradijs/Mackenzie McGehee C/4 38.073
2nd 546 Carneyhaugh Tt/Sarah Warden 4/62.645
3rd 632 Creed/Vick Russell
4th 637 Artemide D Ecaussinnes/Vick Russell
5th 636 VDL Crocus/Thommy John Russell
6th 101 Dexter/Mackenzie McGehee
7th 647 Punchy Dorcel/Debbie Foote
8th 633 Tall Paul/Vick Russell


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