Welcome to the Barn: Special Edition-USHJA 2016 Annual Meeting Rule Change Forum and Review

Horse Show Announcer is proud to share with you this special edition of Welcome to the Barn brought to you from the USHJA Annual Meeting in beautiful Palm Springs California. It is the Rule Change Forum held on Monday December 12th. Following it is the Rule Change Review meeting of the same day. Folks, Please keep in mind that what we are hearing in this episode is discussion only and for informational purposes only.   The Board of Directors met on Friday December 16th to discuss the rules proposed at this meeting.  To follow along to the forum please download the yellow book, the link is also included with this podcast.

The most important thing is that these proposals are not finalized now but will move forward to the USEF or be referred back to the proponent before going to USEF.  USEF is the only entity that can make a rule change based on these proposals. For more information on this or any rule changes, please be sure to visit www.ushja.org or click on the link included with this presentation.

The Yellow Book

The White Book

Live Rule Change Forum


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