Welcome to the Barn: Special Edition USHJA Microchip & Age Verification Presentation

At this years USHJA Annual Meeting, Summer Stoffel spoke to the crowd about the new Microchip and Age Verification rules that are taking effect.  Summer joined us previously on Welcome to the Barn to discuss these two important topics, and this presentation gave her the opportunity to have a live question and answer session with members.  Please take a listen to this presentation as well as the Microchip Podcast and Age Verification Podcast recorded earlier in the year.  Summer is extremely knowledgeable and always available for questions at Summer@Equicore.com  I have included the slides shared at the presentation.

Positive Horse Identification Slides

As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments to me at Jason@seeyouatx.com  You can subscribe to my podcast series by going to iTunes or GooglePlay and searching Welcome to the Barn




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