Welcome to the Barn: Summer Stoffel and Equicore revolutionize Horse Identification

Horse Show Announcer is proud to share with you this amazing innovation from Summer Stoffel and the people at Equicore.  This is a product I personally use and strongly recommend to everyone!

In their words… “The equine industry is divided. Information about a horse’s identity, breeding career, or sports results are kept in separate databases that do not interact with each other.  Equicore is proud to be the industry leader in equine identification. Through our platform, we find and combine all the information about a horse from different organizations and databases under one record in Equicore Online – giving you the ability to find complete information on a horse in one location.  Working to bring you every breed and discipline from every country.  Because every horse deserves to be found.”

For more information please be sure to visit www.Equicore.com


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